Sleep is a crucial function of the body. Without this natural mechanism to recharge and rejuvenate the body, it would be impossible to function properly on a day-to-day basis.

On average, a human being needs to sleep for 6 to 8 hours every day. That accounts for around a third of the entire time of 24 hours we all have during the day. Thus, one can say that a human being spends a third of their entire lifetime in bed. If sleep is this vital an activity, then the place we sleep upon has to be rendered with care and caution.

This is where modern technological advances and the improved human understanding to give our beds and mattresses as much importance comes into play.

Here we are discussing with sufficient reasoning what things to consider and why to consider them when you shop for your perfect non-toxic and chemical-free mattress.

It has been found time and again that for a night of healthy sleep and a holistic overall health, organic, non-toxic, and chemical-free mattresses are one’s best bet. However, not all organic mattresses are completely organic. So also, not all mattresses claiming to be non-toxic are so.

This is where a renowned, and authentic certification of the mattress you buy comes into the picture. A certified mattress will give you peace of mind that the mattress you just bought is indeed non-toxic and chemical-free.

Amongst various materials used and claimed to be organic, latex mattresses are mostly preferred due to their organic and nature-friendly ways of production as well as the quality of comfort and safety they can provide for each sleeper.

When it comes to a latex mattress, a GOLS-certified mattress will mean it meets all the stringent standards of production and materials to make your mattress truly non-toxic and chemical-free. GOLS stands for Global Organic Latex Standard. It lays down the global standards required to be met for the latex materials to be termed truly organic.

Why are Certifications important?

The reasons for the importance of this particular certification are various. And each of them holds its validity.

Since Latex is a sap gathered from rubber trees, natural latex is thus organic and safe for most. However, artificial latex is also being produced over time with the advent of technological advancements. They are certainly not organic.

In some cases, a natural latex treated with chemicals for certain purposes would not be rendered organic. Thus, people who are allergic to chemicals and toxins would find such synthetic latex materials to be hazardous to their health. A GOLS-certified mattress ensures that your mattress contains at least 95% natural latex.

Stringent production line and material standards:

Right from the rubber plantation farms, the kind, quality, quantity, and types of rubber produced in such farms, their harvesting techniques and methods of storage and refinement, etc., to the plants, machinery, and processing units come under the standards laid down by Global Organic Latex Standards. Thus, if you have a GOLS-certified mattress, it means it is a perfectly non-toxic and chemical-free mattress.

Even the usage of pesticides and fertilizers while growing the rubber trees is scrutinized under the GOLS standards. A truly hundred percent organic latex would require that no pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are used on the farms. Further, their processing also has to be done with little or no chemical additives. Thus, a GOLS-certified mattress would ensure that the latex used is truly organic.

Organic auxiliary materials and their certifications

Further, your mattress needs to be sewn and covered. The sewing of the natural latex and the covering of your mattress is often done with non-latex materials. They can be termed organic when done with cotton or wool. However, a GOLS certified mattress ensures that such non-latex materials, which may constitute not more than five percent, is also truly organic, meeting the global standards, and thus non-toxic and chemical-free in its entirety.

A similar certification known as the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) has to be obtained for all textile materials such as cotton, wool, etc., that are used in a GOLS certified mattress. Thus, ensuring that your mattress is completely organic even for the parts that are non-latex.

Why the craze for Organic Latex?

Now, consider this. Every material emits gasses. It is a natural phenomenon. So, why is it necessary to consider an organic latex mattress?

Your ordinary mattress could thus emit gasses that could contain certain hazardous toxins such as benzene and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Sleeping in an ordinary non-organic latex mattress exposes the sleeper to these toxic chemicals.

Considering the amount of time one spends in the bed, it is almost akin to passively yet slowly poisoning ourselves while we are asleep.

Thus, switching to certified mattresses provides comfortable and peaceful sleep even for people who suffer from allergies. A GOLS-certified mattress being completely organic will ensure that the latex in your bed does not emit such harmful gasses, so you can breathe naturally while sleeping. Also, the skin stays healthy while you sleep.

Wrap Up

When your sleep is comfortable, restful, and peaceful, your health is naturally inclined to be at its prime. It is thus of primary importance that the mattress you sleep upon is safe, does not expose your skin to harmful chemicals, and does not force you to breathe toxic gasses while you sleep. Choosing a GOLS-certified mattress covers all of that, making your sleep a truly perfect health rejuvenator both naturally and organically.