There is a huge list of cbse school in howrah which teaches gender equality to kids. Among them, Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah, or SMIL is one of the Cbse Schools in Howrah which teaches gender equality to their kids.

Mostly it is seen that gender equality is taught first in the home. For example, suppose your mother suddenly falls ill and your father does all the chores. You will ask only one question – why do Papa do all your work today? Gender equality lessons start from home. Once kids learn to see their parents equally, they will never develop any bias towards genders.

What is Gender Equality?

Some people are biologically female but identify themselves as male and vice versa. Gender equality means that people of different gender get the same facilities exposure and opportunities. There should not be a bias for any particular gender.

Difference between Gender equality and gender equity?

Suppose your child has scored very poor marks in an exam. What will be your usual reaction? Will you get outraged and start scolding him or try to understand the reason behind his failure? If you support the latter, you will quickly understand the meaning of gender equity. In order to achieve gender equality, you have to focus on gender equity.

While gender equality means everyone should have similar opportunities, gender equity addresses the obstacles that hinder women and gender-diverse people from opting for those opportunities. Gender equality in India can be established when gender equity comes.

Why teaching gender equality is important?

Teaching gender equality is very much important for kids and the teachers of the cbse board school in Howrah teach their students about gender equality and its importance. Gone are the days when one could say” women look good in the kitchen only”. If gender equality in education has decreased even by a percent, it is because of that remarkable struggle period. So, our responsibility is to pass on that knowledge to our children. Do you know why you need to teach gender equality to your children? Here are the reasons:

  • Awareness of gender bias – Your kids should be informed about gender bias. Staying out of violence or negativity is our privilege, but we must acknowledge that violence exists. So, your children must know that everyone is not equal and does not deserve equal rights.
  • Usage and importance of inclusive language – Language plays a vital role in establishing people’s identities. So the cbse board school in howrah tries to teach the little ones the usage and importance of inclusive language.
  • Knowledge of acceptance – If you give your child two biscuits every day in the evening as snacks, he won’t accept one biscuit if you randomly give him one. If one learns the art of acceptance in childhood, he becomes a better human being with patience and compassion.
  • Conduct good behavior – You cannot make your son respect women by just saying so. You must instill the sense organically. Children must feel that sharing equal opportunities is a usual factor. Normalize things like buying the same kind of toys for your daughter and son. Do not make toys, colors, or behavior gender-biased, kids will automatically learn about gender equality.


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