“Ah, oops! What can I do?” Most people might have long gone via such an annoyance that a way to switch photos on Sony camera to iPhone eleven (Pro & Pro Max) after working with an ultra-modern handset.

On circumstances that the pictures are momentous and prized, getting all of them into your sparkling cellphone has been a load to your mind. You clearly do not want to lose these cherished pix from the easy and direct switch source.

Now you get a danger to dispel your issues, within the publish I’m just about to listing a few realistic techniques to assist move images from Sony camera to iPhone 11(Pro & Pro Max). Of direction, you may additionally make a browse to boost your issues even when you have now not met the trouble.

Transfer photographs the use of iTunes

This is the primary thing you need to do. ITunes is a powerful application supplied by means of Apple via default for users to sync documents from laptop to iPhone. First you are required a laptop with iTunes hooked up.

  • Plug your Sony camera cellphone into PC by USB cable.
  • Navigate to DCIM > Camera to gain pictures. If on a Mac, deploy Android File Transfer app, release it and
  • locate DCIM > Camera.
  • Select images you’d like to transport and copy them into a brand new folder on PC.
  • Connect iPhone eleven to the computer and run iTunes.
  • On the pinnacle left aspect in iTunes window, click the device button.
  • Go to Photos section, pick out “Sync Photos”.
  • Select the folder that stored Sony pics earlier than on computer.
  • Hit Apply.
  • Transfer images the usage of one-click tool

If you haven’t any good fortune with iTunes or you’re looking for a extra truthful way to get your pix transferred from vintage Sony Xperia to new iPhone 11, you could always attempt out Phone Transfer.

As the name implies, this system is especially designed for migrating contents between telephones, irrespective of what cell working system it is strolling.

It can effortlessly switch numerous of forms of facts, together with contacts, messages, song, videos, pictures, name logs from one telephone to another with just one-click.

Moreover, it comes with options that will help you returned up your facts to laptop in case sudden things appear in future for MacOS

Here’s how to use the Phone Transfer to transport photographs from Sony Xperia to iPhone eleven.

Step 1. Run this system and choose transfer mode.

Launch this system, you will get a simple interface just like the subsequent screenshot. Click the inex

perienced “Phone to Phone switch” tab to continue.

Next, join your Sony Xperia cellphone and iPhone to the laptop, and then turn on USB debugging on Sony Xperia, that is to get authority to get admission to your Android device.

The two telephones will show on both sides. Flip button is available so that it will switch region of the source cellphone and the vacation spot cellphone.

Step 2. Select Photos alternative.

The software will perform an routinely scan at the supply tool and show up the outcomes at the center field.Given that we are going to switch pix from an vintage Sony Xperia to a brand new iPhone eleven (Pro & Pro Max), deselect the alternative options except Photos right here.

Step 3. Start pix transfer procedure

When you’re ready, without a doubt click on the Start Copy button to begin the Sony pix to iPhone transfer system. It should be finished quickly.

Transfer photographs with Move to iOS

Apple attempts to assist ease the pain of transferring information along with pictures out of your Sony Xperia phone to new iPhone by supplying a dedicated app named Move to iOS app. It allows you to migrate almost the entirety out of your Android handset in some faucets.

To switch Sony Xperia photographs to new iPhone eleven (Pro & Pro Max), comply with those steps.

  • Set up your new iPhone until you reach the display titled Apps & Data screen.
  • Select Move Data from Android.
  • Install Move to iOS on Sony Xperia and run it.
  • Select retain on both gadgets.
  • Tap Agree and Next for your Android.
  • A 10-digit code will appear on iPhone.
  • Input the ten-digit code showed on iPhone 11 onto the Sony Xperia.
  • Choose Camera Roll to begin transfer.

Transfer photographs via Google photos

Another famous way of copying pics from Sony Xperia to iPhone eleven (Pro & Pro Max) is locate Google Photos app. It is a loose photo garage and sharing carrier advanced via Google to assist customers keep images within the cloud that you could then get admission to from any tool with net connection.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Open Google Photos app on Sony Xperia.
  • Tap the menu icon and pick Settings > Back up & sync to upload images.
  • Run Google Photos app on iPhone eleven (Pro & Pro Max).
  • Check the snap shots you want to keep.
  • Tap Share, and choose Save photographs.