Despite being an older version of the iPhone, the iPhone 6s has proven to be a great device and a user favorite. The iPhone 6s display not turning on problem can be simple or difficult to resolve. This article will go over the reasons why your iPhone isn’t turning on, as well as how to turn on iPhone 6s when it won’t turn on.

Why won’t your iPhone turn on?

We’ve seen multiple blogs where only one solution is given for why the iPhone 6s won’t turn on. We are all aware that this does not solve our problem. The reason could be a software failure, or the phone needs to be reset or restored. A hardware issue could also be the cause of the iPhone 6s not turning on.

Battery charge issues can occur in older or new iPhone models. But, some of the faulty apps on your device can cause your device to not turn on. If you see no external damage on the device, it can be because the battery is dead so simply charging can turn it on. You can do this before taking your iPhone 6s to a local store or an authorized apple store. 

We have listed some of the steps that can be carried out to turn on your iPhone 6s:

  1. Software or Hardware Problem.
  2. Software Crash.
  3. Lightning Cable and Charger Check.
  4. Physical Damage or Liquid Damage.
  5. Restart your iPhone.
  6. Connect your iPhone to iTunes.

Software or Hardware Problem

The first step is to determine whether the problem is with the software or the hardware of your iPhone 6s. The software will be the easiest to overcome. If this resolves the problem, you can proceed from here. However, if this is not the case, we will discuss additional steps that can be taken to optimize your device.

Software Crash

Many users have complained that their screens go black and become unresponsive. However, if the same problem persists even after restarting your device, it is time to backup and reset it. The device should now work properly after being reset.

Lightning Cable and Charger Check

If the problem persists, try charging your device with a different lightning cable. Charge another device using your cable and charger. Furthermore, there is a chance that your device will charge when connected to your laptop but not when plugged into a standard charger. As a result, if necessary, make the necessary changes.

Physical Damage or Liquid Damage

Some users have gotten away with physical harm. When your iPhone is dropped, the screen can be damaged. Furthermore, liquid splashes or submerging your device in water can harm it.

In addition, a spill from a few days ago may have caused your iPhone to be damaged now. You can inspect the external parts to determine where the damage has occurred. We can assist you later.

Restart your iPhone 

If your iPhone does not turn on after following the steps above, it could be due to a system failure. There may be times when the software becomes corrupted, affecting the display on your iPhone 6s.

If this is the case, press and hold the sleep and home buttons simultaneously. This will immediately force a restart of your device. This will not delete any of your data. Users can do this if their iPhone 6s is not responding to touches.

Connect your iPhone to iTunes

Connecting your iPhone to iTunes may assist in resolving the hardware issue. However, if there is software corruption, the only solution is to reinstall or update the software. As a result, make sure you have the most recent version of iTunes.

Connect your iPhone to your MacBook and check to see if your device icon appears in iTunes. If it is displayed, it is because your device has been recognised. If your device does not recognise your device, you can force restart it.

You can force restart your device by holding the sleep button and home button together. Even after following these steps if your iPhone display is still not working then you need to restore back to the original settings.

Conclusion to How to turn on iPhone 6s when it won’t turn on

If the above steps do not help you in turning on your iPhone 6s screen. Then, there is an issue with your screen and it needs to be replaced. We have experienced technicians with over 7 years of experience. We can replace your screen in less than 40 minutes to an hour based on the availability. 

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