Do you have big plans for your home and are hoping to turn your efforts into something of a side business? Then you’ve come to the right place. It’s easy to be inspired by those renovation content creators that bring followers along with their renovation and DIY projects, but another thing to get successful enough so that you can earn money from advertising or even start getting brand partnerships.

Thankfully, the DIY/renovation content niche is a thriving one. People have been so inspired by content creators showing their journey that the home improvement market is booming. Not only can you partner with many different brands either for monetary gain or for excellent freebies, you can also monetize your audience by selling a book, prints, workshops, and even vintage pieces.

The road from A to B is long, but with this guide, you’ll know how to keep your efforts focused so that you can grow a following and start monetizing them.

Speed Through Structural Issues

While you can get some great content about any structural issues you’ll need to change to your property, this isn’t as valuable as you may think. At the end of the day, professionals will be needed to make changes to the foundation, layout, plumbing, or electricals. Since the DIY aspect of these projects is small, you should minimize the amount of time you spend creating content around them.

Focus on Small, Achievable Updates

When it comes to the projects that you will want to update in-depth, stick to single, achievable projects. From restoring your old fireplace and even adding a replacement vintage fireplace to the space to reflooring or restoring a small area of the home, by focusing on one project at a time that has a very clear before and after, you can tell a story with your content. Not only is it satisfying for viewers to see all the hard work from the comfort of their own homes, but they are also brought along on a narrative. This encourages people to follow you and gives you great content options from the process to the problem solving, to using trending audio, to even using before and after footage to wow them with your vision.

Start Recommending and Tagging Products

If you want to start getting brand partnerships, you need to showcase the template you’ll use to market their products and, importantly, the response your followers have. You can start getting key brand partnerships even as a micro-influencer with just a few thousand followers – so long as those followers are engaged and are happy to take your recommendations because they believe in you.

Thankfully, accepting brand partnerships doesn’t mean you have to oversell. When it comes to the brands you partner with, try to only work with brands you can wholeheartedly recommend. You can also start reviewing products, paints, tools, etc. This is an excellent way to get started with affiliate marketing and become a go-to resource for other DIYers.

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