Did you know; you can use modern ceiling fans during winter to keep your spaces warm? Not only do they cool down the spaces in summer, but also help to reduce the costs of energy consumption during winter. These fans will reduce the requirement for thermostats and room heaters in chill weather by keeping you warm at minimal fan speed. 

Dig in further to know the usage of decorative fans in Winter.

Fan Direction in Winters


Who said ceiling fans are summer appliances only? Fans are equally important for the winters to manage the interior temperatures. By changing the fan direction, decorative fans can be used to deliver warm airflow into the space. 


Decorative fans‘ direction in the winter should be clockwise. The speed should operate at a low speed as the fans pull cool air upward to the ceiling. The cool air displaces the warm air collected at the ceiling and throws it downwards in the room. Low speed keeps the windchill away and keeps the airflow steady. 

For high ceilings, changing the fan direction is necessary as it will move the warmer air trapped at the very top of the room down. The warm air flows across the whole room and this makes the room warmer.

3 Solid Reasons To use Ceiling Fans in Cold Weather

To Redistribute the Warm Air and Keep Spaces Cossy 

  • To distribute the warm air, fans must rotate in a clockwise direction at low speed. Low-speed results in low energy consumption. 
  • The warm air at the top of the ceiling is transferred down to the room floor and walls which will maintain the room temperature during winter. 
  • Also, ceiling fans of the best fan companies in India reduce the requirement for the thermostat temperature by managing the constant warm airflow in the room. 

Saves Up To 15% On Heating Costs 

  • During the winter we often use the thermostat and room heaters to keep the room warmer. Warm air is accumulated near the ceiling of spaces during winters. And the decorative fans transfer this air to the ground and reduce the requirement for thermostats. 
  • To keep the room warm, you don’t even need to turn the ceiling fans all the time. Use it when you are in the room and turn it off when you are not there. This will also save a lot of energy consumption and investment in monthly electricity bills. 
  • Home furnaces or room heaters are high-energy consumers and can affect your pocket. 

Provide Room Lightning 

  • As you will be using fans during winter, along with warm airflow modern ceiling fans will be a great option for lightning. 
  • With lightning, keep up with the ambience of your home intact. Buy fans with lights to set the cosy winter mood. 

Make a Purchase

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