How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation


LinkedIn could be a nice entremets for any reaching, however, it may become the star course for your lead generation ways. It will heat up your cold emailing or cold business, connect you with peers and colleagues, notice you a replacement worker, and convey you new leads. however this for only one social media platform?


Among the business social media cluster, LinkedIn could be a powerful cookie: it’s the foremost used B2B social media platform (both for organic and paid distribution) with over one hundred sixty million active users simply within the U.S. and over 740 million users worldwide.

How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation


What Is LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn could be a skilled social media platform that may be used for hiring, job seeking, building business relationships, or sharing experiences together with your peers. They are often accessed on a desktop or through a mobile app.


The personal profile contains your job experiences, education, skills, and hobbies; the company profile includes data on the corporate, its services, job openings, employees, statistics, events, videos, and therefore the latest news. 


LinkedIn Interface 

Once you register, you’re transferred to the house page. within the left high corner, you’ll read your profile with a picture, the number of your page views, and therefore the range of views on your last post.


In the middle of the page, you’ll produce a post of your own: writing, interactive content (video, GIFs, or memes), or a call for participation in a scheduled event. Once you get many connections, you’ll like, share, and touch upon your peers’ posts.


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LinkedIn interface example


The home page of a company account is incredibly like the private one, the distinction is that it shows page notifications rather than post views.


In the high right corner, you’ll notice the Work icon, which has all the LinkedIn tools you’ll want for your business matters. 


LinkedIn Tools

LinkedIn offers a range of platforms for various users: 


Learning Solutions: This online instructional platform contains courses and skilled recommendations associated with your fields and interests. Your staff will use it to upgrade their skills and business information. To access LinkedIn Learning, you would like a subscription that will offer you unlimited library access, personalized, interactive learning, and access to LinkedIn Premium. you’ll take a look at it free for a month, once that you’ll opt for a monthly or yearly asking set up.


Talent Insights: This online hiring and talent management platform help businesses build good personnel selections and your recruiters notice the simplest candidates doable. It includes time period knowledge, a summary of the market and competitors, over 12-billion knowledge points, and straightforward on-demand access.


Marketing Solutions: This platform permits you to form ads set to show on LinkedIn. To access this tool, you’ll need to start a commercial account within the Campaign Monitor. From there you’ll be ready to produce and manage advertising campaigns, read performance reports, and see conversion pursuit.


Sales Navigator: This search tool has extremely correct, customized filters that assist you to notice the correct prospects. It permits you to target the target accounts by narrowing the search and eliminating the incorrect candidates. It additionally encompasses a free to one-month trial, with 2 subscriptions offered once your trial expires: Sales Navigator skilled and Sales Navigator Team.


LinkedIn Groups: This feature helps you discover, create, view, and be a part of teams. it’s a free feature while not the necessity for a subscription.

ProFinder: This marketplace permits you to go looking, discover, and rent the simplest near freelance contractors for the services you need. This service is free but solely offered within the U.S.


Yet, some square measure reluctant to take a position during a LinkedIn lead generation strategy as a result of it’s going to not deliver results at once. and therefore the question stands: ought to we tend to use each lead generation supply at our disposal, or ought to we have a tendency to focus our attention on one thing tastier? Let’s determine along.