The Nuvo Expanding Mousse from Tonic is a water-based product in the Nuvo brand that works exactly like the original Embellishment Mousse. However, when heat is applied to this new mousse, it expands!

The Expanding Mousse has a somewhat moister consistency than the original Embellishment Mousse, which makes the original techniques easier but also need a moister consistency for the product to expand.

Even if you don’t like the expanded appearance, you can still use the Nuvo Expanding Mousse as you would a conventional Embellishment Mousse. The most amazing way to use this product is through stencils; I suggest taking a small amount out of the pot, blending it with a palette knife on a glass mat until it is smooth, and then scraping it through your stencil. Then, you have two options: leave as is (like you would with Embellishment Mousse) and heat for a smoother expanded finish, or leave the stencil in place, give the mousse a peaky texture with your palette knife, and heat for a more haphazard puffy appearance.

You may also experiment with the mousse’s thickness; when heated, a very thin coating (for example, one that is mixed with a sponge or brayered on) produces a faux-suede-like effect, but a thicker layer that requires a longer heating period produces the full, puffy expanded effect. Any heat embossing tool (directional or low speed ranger) can be used to heat the expanding mousse, and it is extremely simple to determine when the mousse has expanded since the pearly gloss of the mousse vanishes. You can put a little mousse over the texture to bring back the gloss and also bring out the details if you choose.

In the projects below, I’ve attempted to demonstrate a variety of methods to use Nuvo Expanding Mousse, from painting with it to applying it with stencils, demonstrating the products’ enormous adaptability and the variety of finishes that can be produced. So, regardless of whether you’ve tried Nuvo Mousse before or want to give it another go, just experiment and see what methods you can come up with. Who doesn’t love sparkle? It also looks fantastic when you add fine glitter or embossing powders before heating it up.