You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking for some of the most successful and powerful strategies to market your YouTube channel using Facebook.

I had the same reservations and did some study to come up with some excellent tactics for attracting more viewers to this platform.

Activate Facebook Live!

If you want to effectively increase audience engagement, live streaming is the way to go.

The live-action and uncensored approach to these types of videos will appeal to the majority of viewers, improving your relationship with them if you need to grow your channel organically then hire a YouTube video promotion service.

It’s all about authenticity and living in the moment, and it takes the pressure off of later editing or making sure everything is in order before videoing.

In fact, the more genuine you appear, the more empathy you’ll receive from your audience.

Because of the real-time interaction between viewers, Live videos can generate 10 times more comments, according to the business.

However, some planning ahead of time before going live won’t harm. Have a plan for your video, including any themes you wish to explore or discuss.

Here are some suggestions for improving your Live Sessions.

  • Use a question-and-answer structure and interact with your audience in the comments section.
  • Simply ask your audience questions and invite them to engage. What would they like to see in your upcoming videos? What did they enjoy most about the prior ones?
  • Make announcements and share future stuff. The better the content, the more exclusive it is.

If you’re planning to release a new video, using Facebook Live to advertise it and share a tease or some comments with your audience is a terrific idea. The goal is to pique people’s interest in it.

Another advantage of Facebook Live is that it might drive visitors to your Fan Page.

Live videos generate far greater engagement, and if you properly advertise your content, they can keep visitors coming back to your page and permanently boost your audience.

Finally, Facebook allows you to track your video’s stats by recording Likes, responses, shares, mentions, and comments. In other words, watching real-time engagement.

In addition to your Facebook Insights statistics (which we’ll discuss later), Live analytics have been improved to help you get the most out of this feature.

Fan Page with Built-in Notifications

A built-in notification system on the site alerts potential viewers when a Page they like is ‘coming live.’

Facebook has added capabilities that allow a Page to promote a live video ahead of time while also allowing people to set a reminder so they don’t miss out. Isn’t it fantastic?

Content from Behind the Scenes

You must be conscious of the content you share across several social media channels. It’s a necessary element of the work.

Nobody wants to see the same video or material over and over; it may be easier and save time, but you’ll lose engagement and eyeballs.

In fact, if you want to build a big following, travelling in the opposite direction is twice as beneficial.

Posting videos and/or content with your most exclusive footage, such as a behind-the-scenes look at how you prepare a video, what you do when you have to video in public, and so on.

On the other side, generating relevant content that is linked to what you discuss on your channel but goes into greater depth will also perform well.

What you want to do is basically separate both platforms so that you can draw more Facebook viewers while also pitching them to subscribe if they want to see more of your material.

4 Content Ideas for “Behind the Scenes”

  1. You can show off a member of your crew or squad. Even if it’s simply videoing your friend who’s holding the camera and asking him a few questions, if you work with someone else, or even four or five different people, you may present them on camera and show a quick glance into how the office generally operates.
  2. The development of time-lapse video content. Simply record yourself videoing, composing the script, sometimes pondering what to say next, and generally grinding. Then, when you’re done editing, produce a movie about it so you can share your process with your community in a dynamic way.
  3. A hilarious video. When recording, you may simply produce a compilation of funny movies that depict how a typical day in the office/street/park goes.
  4. Send a private message. Perhaps anything you’re going through, or what the difficulties of vlogging and being a YouTuber are, and so forth. Something that individuals might relate to and from whom they could obtain counsel or insight.

It’s critical to post at the right time

As you’ve surely heard, Facebook Insights is a fantastic tool for growing a business or brand.

Facebook Insights, or the Ray Laser Cutter as I like to call it, is an amazingly effective tool for reaching out to your audience without losing a single individual.

How many actions, visits, visualisations, likes, and actual reach, engagements, videos, and followers do you have?

Now, if you want to maximise the reach of your material, you’ll want to pay close attention to the essential metrics that this tool provides.

To increase interaction on your Facebook page, learn when to post and what to post here.

The platform’s Post Tab has become your new best buddy.

You’ll be able to view how many people are on Facebook at any one time, broken down by weekday and hour. It also displays the average number of posts seen by those same individuals. How many actions, visits, visualisations, likes, and actual reach, engagements, videos, and followers do you have?

Now, if you want to maximise the reach of your material, you’ll want to pay close attention to the essential metrics that this tool provides.

To increase interaction on your Facebook page, learn when to post and what to post here.

The platform’s Post Tab has become your new best buddy.

You’ll be able to view how many people are on Facebook at any one time, broken down by weekday and hour. It also displays the average number of posts seen by those same individuals.

Freely Automate Your Posting

There are a lot of wonderful tools out there that can help you automate your publishing so you don’t have to worry about coming up with fresh content every day to keep up with your audience.

In fact, Buffer allows you to queue up to 10 posts at a time, allowing you to schedule many days of content ahead of time. It’s also completely free!

They do an excellent job, and you can even add two more social accounts and generate 10 posts in each. You can also do this using their browser extension.

You can use their picture creator (“Pablo”) as well as their movie and GIF posting options.

Close Interaction 101

It’s crucial to not only keep up with your audience in terms of your articles and how frequently you do so by evaluating your data and when your audience typically browses the internet, but also to connect with them.

You must respond to their comments; even a simple “thank you” or a thumbs up can make all the difference.

In fact, when it comes to rating your videos, YouTube looks at this form of activity as well.

The number of comments, likes, and shares your videos receive on the platform have a significant impact on how well they rank in search results and whether or not they appear in the featured videos section.

And how do you believe they assess audience engagement?

If you already have that level of engagement and involvement on Facebook, it will be much easier for you to rank and gain more views, and thus subscribers, on YouTube.

As I previously stated, both platforms place a high value on shares, likes, and comments.

Those three primary criteria can make or break the success of your videos and future postings, so keep that in mind as you develop your marketing approach.

Getting active with your fans and, of course, generating fantastic and awesome quality content are two ways to gain more likes and comments.

The Appropriate Fan Page

The importance of a decent and consistent design is something that most people overlook.

Make your Fan Page relevant and a suitable fit for your YouTube channel that blends but can also be distinguished.

When creating your Fan Page, you should concentrate on two things.

To begin, ensure that your YouTube channel and Facebook Fan Page have the same branding.

Use the same colours and logo, and create a presentation video to show your viewers what they can expect from your page.

Some outstanding examples include the Skittles fan page, which frequently runs great contests to enhance customer awareness, or the Zappos or L.L Bean pages.

Nutella also performs a fantastic job at keeping their followers interested!

Now, if you want to see how some of the world’s most famous YouTubers establish and maintain their Fan Pages, have a look at Jenna Marble’s page, or perhaps Jacksepticeye’s, and how they drive traffic from their pages to their channels.

Second, design a strategy and schedule a few posts or videos that are specifically targeted at your Facebook audience to warm them up before pitching them on your YouTube channel.

Furthermore, Facebook Pages can trigger a Call-to-Action button that encourages visitors to perform one of several activities. For example, you could urge them to sign up for an email list so that you can alert them whenever a new video is released.

Using Facebook Insights, you can see how many people clicked on the button, their demographics, and whether they came from a smartphone or a desktop computer. Isn’t it cool?

There are numerous advantages to having a well-designed Fan Page.

  • A limitless number of friends.
  • If you prefer, you can keep it secret.
  • As it is indexed, you will be able to appear in search engine results.
  • As I previously indicated, Facebook Insights is used to analyse your data.
  • Because Facebook wants to keep traffic on the network, advertising is more effective.
  • It’s completely free!

Facebook Groups Planning

You’ve mastered the usage of Facebook Live to amplify your content and attract more people, and you’ve established a fantastic Fan Page.

You’ve also learnt about Facebook Insight and how crucial it is to generate more engagement with your audience in order to rank higher.


Now is the time to implement a Facebook Group Strategy that will help you advertise your brand/channel even more effectively.

This may be employed right away, and I strongly advise you to do so to attract your first possible visitors, but I wanted to discuss it later in this article because I believe it is the more straightforward technique

Begin by scanning the site for a few niche-related groups where people could be interested in what you have to say.

Your material should always be beneficial to the viewer in some way, or at the very least interesting enough to make them want to watch it again or share it with their friends.

Remember that in order for this strategy to work, you must be patient and work to establish your reputation inside the organisation you’ve recently joined.

Nobody will pay attention if you start marketing yourself right away without offering anything back, and you will be banned.

Participate in discussions in the comment box, post a question or doubt you may have, and be modest and grateful for any help you receive.

Some people will notice you eventually, but it will take time and consistency.

When responding to comments, try to be helpful and give useful advise, and always be pleasant and friendly.

Joining a Facebook Group Has Its Advantages

  • You’ll have a more personalised experience, which will increase your engagement.
  • Your CTAs (Calls to Action) will attract greater attention.
  • Get instant feedback and connect with others.
  • A well-targeted audience with a shared interest in the same subjects.
  • By giving excellent value, you can quickly establish confidence.

Don’t Toss Away Paid Advertising

Last but not least, you should consider paying for some advertisements in the future.

Facebook does an excellent job of targeting people and capturing their attention by offering you with a variety of cool options to use.

There are a few aspects of this method that you just cannot overlook if you want to take your content’s performance to the next level swiftly.

According to Nielsen data, people spend roughly 35 minutes every day on Facebook. The majority of them are using their mobile phones.

In reality, when it comes to Facebook Ads performance and efficacy, the video format is one of the most powerful.

Because the company wants to retain their audience retention levels as high as possible, promoting your Facebook Page is even more successful and strong.

Using the Insights features, you can easily set up a campaign and target your audience with true precision using data taken from the platform.

You’ll discover that for a very low cost, you can obtain the visibility you want in a matter of hours and significantly boost your fan base.

If you’re just getting started and want to speed up the process, it’s definitely worth it.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a long-term solution. You must continue to add value to your audience and engage with them on a regular basis.

However, if you’re looking for a big bump in traffic, this is a terrific method to do it!