A verified account comes with several opportunities that may not be provided to the non-verified users and the same happens to the users who are using the MEXC exchange for cryptocurrency trading. Thus, to make sure that you get to utilize maximum benefits from this exchange, we are going to provide you with enough details that are required to get your account verified. Before you begin, we want you to understand that you will need to provide some details on the account verification and you may also be asked to provide some documentary proofs as well.

By providing the requested details, you will be able to complete the KYC process. However, the KYC process on the MEXC exchange website and mobile app are somewhat different. Therefore, we have decided to guide you through the two different procedures that would help both mobile and PC users to gain access to the list of additional features that have been created for verified account holders.

Guide to verify identity on the MEXC exchange through PC

All those users who have been using the MEXC exchange through their website need to apply the easy steps that are listed below. Before you begin, be ready with the MEXC login credentials:

  1. Log in to your account on the MEXC crypto exchange platform
  2. After this, you can go to take your cursor on the profile icon and select the “Verify your identity” option
  3. Thereafter, you can select the “Verify” option and then select “prime KYC” from the list
  4. In the KYC form, select your country, enter your legal name, and fill in your date of birth
  5. You also need to fill in your ID details and then upload a photo of your ID card or passport/driver’s license
  6. Click on the “Submit for preview” option after verifying all the details
  7. Now, you will see the “Pending” status on the account verification page

If your details get verified, this status will change and you are ready to use your account.

Verifying identity through the MEXC exchange app

If you are using the MEXC exchange through the available mobile application, then you can follow this procedure to complete the KYC:

  1. To begin with it, you can go ahead with opening the app and signing in to your account
  2. After a successful login, tap on the “Authentication” option
  3. Now, you can start filling in all the requested details in the given form
  4. And then, it’s time to upload the image as you are directed on the given page
  5. Hurrah! Now you can initiate making purchases from your account


To complete the KYC for your account on the MEXC exchange, you need to upload an image. However, there are some pre-requisites for uploading the image which means you can only upload the image in JPG, JPEG, or PNG format. Also, the uploaded image should be clear enough and not blurred.