Very much like your regular curls, curly human hair extensions need some tender loving care. From washing to putting away, really focusing on your curly extensions is vital. Look at the guide underneath on the best way to wash, style, safeguard, and store your curly extensions.

How to Wash Curly Hair Extensions

Your wavy hair extensions need a bit of warmth before you wear them interestingly. To reactivate the twists and give them a delightful skip and sparkle, you’ll need to wash and style them. In the first place, we should discuss how to wash curly human hair ponytail extensions.

Fill your sink with lukewarm water.

Add your preferred curl-friendly cleanser. We suggest utilizing a cleanser that is liberated from sulfates, liquor, and parabens.

Add each weft of hair, in turn, to guarantee each piece is appropriately cleaned.

Wash every weft utilizing light, delicate strokes to abstain from tangling.

Whenever you’ve washed every weft, flush out the cleanser utilizing tepid water.

Apply a conditioner or a molding cover. Apply your conditioner/cover from the highest point of the weft to the last, each weft in turn.

Whenever you’ve covered your curly hair extensions in conditioner, brush them from the base up with a wide-tooth brush to slacken any knot.

Once molded and detangled, place your curly clip-in hair extensions into a shower cap. We suggest leaving your conditioner on for something like 1 hour — short-term is great.

When the time has elapsed, wash your curly extensions with cold water. (Cold water seals the hair’s cuticle, which seals in the dampness. It’s alright to leave some lingering conditioner in.)

Prior to passing on your curly clip-in hair extensions to dry, we suggest applying for a pass-on in conditioner and water-solvent gel to every weft separately.

To apply, rake the items through from the top to the closures and scrunch up — very much like you would apply products on your normal curls. Assuming you really want a few hints on styling, look at our aide on styling methods for curly sew in hairstyles and regular curls.

Subsequent to applying the item, lay each curly hair extension weft out on a towel that is put on a level surface. Allow your curly hair extensions to dry for the time being.

How to Prevent Your Curly Extensions From Tangling, Shedding, and Matting

At the point when your curly clip-in hair extensions are very much cherished, they will require a little tender loving care to keep them looking new and lovely. Very much like your normal hair, curly extensions are inclined to tangle, shed, and matting. The most effective way to stay away from tangles is with a legitimate wash and set — like the one we illustrated before in this blog. The following are a couple of alternate ways of limiting harm to your curly clip-in hair extensions:

  • Abstain from styling techniques that cause overabundance tangling, such as prodding.
  • Try not to swim with your extensions in. 
  • Try not to lie down with your extensions in.
  • Brush delicately, with a wide-toothed brush or a Denman brush. Forceful brushing can make your curly hair extensions shed.
  • One of the most amazing ways of forestalling curly hair extensions harm is to appropriately store them.

At the point when you wear hair extensions that are wavy and cut in, some mileage is unavoidable. Assuming your wavy extensions are introduced and you in all actuality do track down tangles, don’t overreact!

Beginning from the base up, gradually detangle your twists and your curly extensions. You can utilize your fingers, yet in the event that you want to make additional slips, fill a splash bottle with a balance of water and conditioner.

Assuming you feel the curly extensions pulling your scalp while detangling, delicately lift the hair from the base to limit pressure. Then, at that point, gradually proceed with the detangling system.

On the off chance that your extensions are tangled and aren’t introduced, you can just tenderly detangle your wefts in the sink with tepid water, conditioner, and a wide-toothed brush. Also, learn about reasons why women love lace front wigs.


Very much like with your regular curls, the best items for your curly clip-in human hair extensions are products liberated from sulfates, liquor, and parabens. This incorporates any item you’d use on curly hair: shampoos and conditioners, styling items, and any leave-in conditioning products.