How do you watch someone’s Instagram story without getting arrested? Well, everyone at some point in their digital lifetime may have “creeped” an account or two on Instagram.

Whether it’s keeping tabs on the ex-partner, former friend or your professional rivals, there’s most likely come a time that you’ve wanted to go through some Story content… also then keep it on your DL while you’re doing it.

You can easily stalk someone If that the person you’re following is logged into their account as public and hasn’t blocked you.

The hardest thing about stalking an individual is not navigating an Instagram Story viewer list and not getting caught when watching Stories. (Because unintentionally tapping on the Stories of someone else can be identical to liking someone’s really old Instagram photo.)

Then… How can you look at someone’s Instagram Stories without them knowing they’re watching your content? Can it be done?

Yes, it’s true.

We’ve rounded up three different ways to spy on someone’s Instagram Stories without getting found. Take a look below.

Please note most of these methods work only for accounts that you’re trying snoop on is set to public and isn’t blocking or blocked your Instagram account.

How To Anonymously Watch Instagram Stories on A Computer

This is by far the most efficient method of viewing the content of someone’s Instagram Stories without them knowing about it.

Go to the website Storiesig and type the handle of the account into the search bar , and hit enter.

If you’ve spelled the handle correctly, it’ll appear beneath the Search bar (with the account’s profile photo) and the amount of Stories that are currently available through their Instagram profile and the date when they last uploaded a photograph or video.

Click on the profile photo and scroll down. You’ll be able to uninvitedly access all of the Instagram Stories and are even capable of saving these by hitting”Download” or the “Download” button that appears beneath each Story.

The greatest benefit of using this technique is the fact that you do not need to download any third-party application or even have an Instagram account to access their Stories. If the account you’re trying to creep has been shut down, you’ll be able to access or download Stories.

Sneaky, sneaky.

This approach is particularly helpful for digital marketers, influencer agencies, and brands who want to copy Instagram Stories directly to their computers to report on post-campaign reports and coverage.

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