Did you know that an uncomfortable sleeping surface often is the reason for unhealthy sleep? An uncomfortable mattress surface that is too hard, or made of artificial materials can often lead to allergies, and chronic pains in joints, neck, and shoulders and can lead to uncomfortable sleep at night.

A good sleeping surface such as the coconut coir pads, on the other hand, can give you a good night’s sleep and also a lot many health benefits.

It is vital to understand that sleep is nature’s way to heal, rejuvenate, rejoice and recharge our body and mind. Good sleep is also important to perform any activity at its best during the day. Further, a loss in the general number of sleep hours on average, or a low sleep quality at night can lead to health complications, deficiency in the quality of work you do during the day, and even some chronic difficulties that may last for a long time.

We often ignore that the sleeping environment and the bedding materials, such as mattresses, pillows, quilts, covers, and the surface play a significant role in sleep quality. It is a very good reason to focus on the quality of our bedding materials and sleeping environment.

How Can a Coconut Coir Pad Help?

Choosing a good mattress pad for a mattress surface depends on its materials. Ideally, the best mattress pad must be made from natural, organic, and skin-friendly materials such as coconut coir, cotton, wool, or organically obtained latex.

Here, we outline below the health benefits of using a coconut coir pad as your mattress surface, and we are sure you will be stunningly happy to discover them.

1. Natural Spinal Alignment and Support

Coconut coir is naturally fibrous yet has a firm texture to it. It makes the mattress pads softer, yet it will be firm enough to support the shape and curves of the body. This unique combination of softness and firmness gives the spine a natural position to adjust while you sleep.

A too-firm mattress surface can leave the spine stiff during the entire night, while a too-soft surface can be uncomfortable to change positions at times. The natural support of a coconut coir mattress pad means your spinal health will stay good, and your neck and shoulder joints will rest well while you sleep.

2. Sustainable and Biodegradable

A biodegradable product means when it is time to discard the materials at their end of life, they will simply mix with the soil and produce no toxic waste. If you are an environmentally conscious buyer, it is worth noting that coconut coir pads are natural and organic and blended with biodegradable, sustainably sourced organic latex to help you sleep well at night.

3. Natural Bounce and Support

A mattress pad can resist the extra bounce on the sleeping surface if your mattress is too soft and bouncy. On the other hand, if your mattress is firm, a mattress pad can make it softer, and provide the right bounce and support for your body to sleep. Furthermore, a mattress pad made from organic and natural coconut coir can offer that exact bounce and support for even a futon bed.

Good, even, and perfect bounce makes twisting and turning easy while changing your sleep position at night. Whereas good support means the mattress can adjust with the sleeper’s body shape and curves and offer the same comfort for the entire night.

4. Skin-friendly and Hypoallergenic

Since the coconut coir is entirely natural, they are anti allergic. They do not contain any artificial materials that can be toxic and harmful to your skin or health.

It is common knowledge that we spend almost one-third of the day sleeping in our beds. Therefore, it is vital to know that when we sleep on a mattress surface made from artificial materials containing toxic chemical substances, we breathe contaminated air that can harm the body.

Especially for asthma patients, children, and old-age adults, this could be a real detriment to their health. A natural and non-toxic coconut coir also means you breathe natural air while you sleep.

5. Resistance to Molds and Bacteria

Often a mattress surface may develop molds and give rise to the growth of bacteria. It is harmful to the health and skin, and it may also give out a bad odor. Imagine sleeping on such a surface and breathing that toxic air for the entire night.

A natural coconut coir pad will not let bacteria form on its surface or beneath. These mattress pads will also protect your mattress and can resist the formation of molds on the surface.

6. Cool Surface Temperature

Since coconut coir is a natural fibrous material having considerable firmness, it offers enough natural air passage. It makes the surface temperature cool down, and you can sleep comfortably at night.

No more sweaty nights during sleep because even a hot sleeper who sweats during the night can benefit from sleeping on a coconut coir mattress pad.

Wrap Up

If you sleep comfortably at night and wake up fresh, it shows in your activities during the day. You feel joyous and rejuvenated. However, the sleeping surface is crucial for healthy and sound sleep at night. A good coconut coir pad will help protect your mattress and offer a cozy and comfortable sleeping surface.