Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms that continues to disrupt many people’s lives. It has transformed how people interact with their loved ones and brands. For businesses, Facebook encouraged businesses to change how they market products, connect with customers, and strategize all other aspects of their enterprise.

The platform’s disruption is further evident by its being one of the most widely used online channels by adults. Many people use it every day, which gives your company an opportunity for maximum brand awareness and online visibility when executing a Facebook marketing strategy.

With billions of users, Facebook has indeed become a major social media channel worldwide. Given its prevalence, the need for your business to plan and implement an efficient marketing strategy is all the more critical, especially with your competition doing the same. To stand out among the millions of businesses on Facebook, you must optimize the use of this social media platform to boost your business.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes use this social media platform to boost their brand. But the question is, how big is Facebook really? How can you better tap into your audience with an excellent Facebook marketing strategy? Furthermore, how can you even formulate an active marketing strategy that will place you ahead of your competitors?

Read this infographic to learn more about the latest stats on Facebook, how you can use it to increase brand awareness, and the steps you can follow to build a successful Facebook marketing strategy.