Decorating your patio and garden area can be far more inspired and creative than just planting a nice assortment of your favorite blossoms and foliage. There are so many more beautiful decorative elements that you can add to the area that greatly change the way you feel about this portion of your home. One of the more popular ways to add personality and style to your backyard is to add some sort of garden trellis to the space.

Trellises are prominent structures that give a perfect resting place for climbing plants like ivy and honeysuckle. They act as a support structure for these plants to climb higher and away from the ground, while also acting as a decorative frame that stands out all on its own.

There are different styles of garden trellises that you can set in your yard including larger arbor trellises, subtle wall trellises, and distinct obelisk trellises. Each kind has its own merits and special purpose that set it apart from each other while still performing the same basic function. A garden obelisk trellis serves the very same purpose as any of the other styles but stands out on its own due to its unique shape. An obelisk trellis stands up straight and tall, commonly rising up to six feet tall. They are quite distinct and can easily be used to create a stylish statement to adorn your yard.

You may have seen this before online and in magazines, creating a bold look for a home. If you do decide to purchase a garden obelisk trellis for your backyard or to at least consider getting one, you might appreciate having a few simple ideas in your back pocket for ways that you can decorate using an obelisk trellis for your garden. Here are a few ideas that are easy to execute and help give you some sense of direction for what you can do with your trellises.

Beacon of Color
One of the first things you will want to consider for your trellis is the type of arrangement you want to have growing around it. People will often stick to one type of flower for the sake of convenience, but you could still do more with it. Try choosing climbing plants that have bright hues to them like morning glories to create a vivid punch of color in the middle of your garden.

Shift in Height
The primary trait that causes a garden obelisk trellis to stand out is its height. An obelisk stands upright with a fixed position so it often towers over the elements around it. You may want to take advantage of this trait for the overall look of your garden by installing it next to plants that sit closer to the ground. It changes up the visuals of the garden by breaking up the monotony of the heights. Since plants typically sit low to the ground, this is a nice change.

Barely Conceal
The last styling method you can try with your garden obelisk trellis is to leave it just as it is. Do not overcrowd it with plants and allow it to shine for its own design and shape. It might be tempting to completely cover it in flowers, but consider showing more of the structure itself as decor. If you grow tired of this or feel like it is missing flowers, you can always add them later.

It could be a good starting point to first look at different styles of obelisk trellises and imagine which ones you might enjoy for your home. You can find some visually striking designs over at with other types of stunning trellises as well.

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