Buying a HOWO sewage tanker is a great decision for anyone who is in the business of cleaning up sewers and water. This truck is made by one of the largest manufacturers in China and can handle large quantities of waste water and sewage. It is also extremely affordable for anyone who wants to purchase one.
Main uses

Basically, there are two kinds of sewage tankers. One is a vacuum sewage suction vehicle, which is suitable for handling industrial effluents. The other one is a fecal suction truck, which is suitable for suctioning sewage from sewage pipes. These two types are very versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. In addition, they have great suction strength and are convenient to operate.

Compared with a fecal suction truck, a sewage suction truck has a more powerful vacuum suction pump. It can be customized to the user’s requirements. Besides, it has many features like high suction efficiency, self-draining, easy operation and long service life. It can be used to clean the sludge, flush the roads and transport liquid waste. In addition, it can be used for fire fighting in emergencies.

The main components of a tanker truck include transmission shaft, vacuum suction pump, water-gas separator and sewage valve. Depending on the material and design, it can be made of steel or plastic. Usually, the tanker body can be opened back, which makes it possible to use the truck as a self-draining unit. The suction pump can also be powered by compressed air.

Moreover, the hydraulic truck has a large capacity and high efficiency. It can be used to suction sewer sediment and clean the underground sewage pipes. It has a high-powered vacuum suction pump and a 4″ diameter rubber tube. It also has a good seal and a large vertical suction range. It can be used to dump sewage directly through the rear lid.

Besides, it is equipped with a liquid full alarm device, which can automatically alarm when the suction is full. It can also prevent the damage of the vacuum suction pump. It can be used to transport sewage, liquid waste, muddy water and other sludge. It can be shipped in bulk and packaged ro-ro. It can also be used to transport municipal life waste. The truck can be repaired and serviced. In addition, it can be used for cleaning the underground sewage pipes and flushing the roads.

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DFAC Dongfeng 14000 liters Sewage and F

DFAC Dongfeng 14000 liters sewage tanker is not your average garbage truck. It’s got a 120 hp diesel engine, a large capacity tank and automatic garbage compression system. It’s also got a rear loader to help haul the stuff. The best part is that it’s built to last. The manufacturer even offers a lifetime warranty on the engine.

It’s got a few other features to boot. For instance, it has a self-flowing valve for catching waste water and a sewage pipe for observing and cleaning. It also has a top fill and a reservoir fill. It also has a small number of notable features, including a telescopic boom and a power take off. The manufacturer has also built in an airtight dustbin with a hydraulic system.

The best part is that it’s made in China. The manufacturer is also ISO 9001 certified. The manufacturer’s other credentials include being a leading supplier of heavy duty equipment and commercial trucks. It’s also got a factory-direct spare parts program.

The DFAC Dongfeng 14000 Litres Sewage Tanker is also a good value for money. The company’s customer support is top-notch. They offer a free demo to help you decide if they are a good fit for your business needs. You can also learn about their service offerings on their website. Their website has a variety of helpful videos and articles about the company’s products. Their online store also offers some interesting product discounts. They even offer a warranty card to help you ensure you get the service you need and the coverage you deserve. You’re also sure to find the best prices in town on their website. The company’s products are a good fit for any business looking for a cost-effective way to keep their sewage and garbage flowing smoothly. It’s not hard to see why they’ve been able to become one of the fastest growing manufacturers of trucks and equipment in China.
Sinotruk sewage suction tank truck

Various types of vehicles are available in the market, which are mainly used in the field of sanitation. These vehicles include septic tank truck, liquid waste disposal truck, septic tank cleaner and sewage sucking truck. These vehicles are available in various types and sizes. They are designed to carry and clean sewage, liquid waste, sludge and debris. They are also used for fire fighting and water transport.

These vehicles are equipped with high vacuum and a tank that can be opened hydraulically. They can also be used to discharge solid waste and sludge. They are available in a variety of colors. They are imported products and are efficient and time saving. They are also very safe. These vehicles can be used for cleaning city sewer pipe, industrial drainage pipe, sediment dredging mud ditch dead and other types of cleaning projects. They are very stable and can be used in any worksite. They have a tank lift dump, manual locking and rear hydraulic opening and closing.

This sewage suction tank truck is very useful for a number of cleaning projects, such as cleaning septic tank, city sewer pipe, industrial drainage pipe and sediment dredging mud ditch dead. The tank body has full-diameter openings at the rear. The vertical suction lift is about 7-10 meters. The truck has two seats and is stable. It can be used for various kinds of work and also has two air conditioners in the cabin.