Hydroseeding Colorado – What You Should Know

If you’re unsure whether hydroseeding Colorado is for you, here’s what you should know. Using hydroseeding on your property is an excellent option if you’d like to give your lawn a fresh start. It can provide you with a more uniform and lush lawn in a shorter amount of time than sod laying. The process also requires less manpower, which can be a huge savings for you.

Before you hydroseed your lawn, make sure to test your soil for pH levels. It must be between 6.5 and seven. If it’s too acidic or too alkaline, you’ll have to add lime amendments and organic materials. You may also want to add sulfur and compost to the soil if you’re concerned about damaging nearby structures. Make sure to re-grade the area after hydroseeding to ensure that the soil is even and smooth.

In addition to hydroseeding Colorado, you may want to consider putting down a protective blanket over your new lawn. This blanket will prevent erosion from taking root. If it’s a new lawn, it will need a little time to get established. You should restrict foot traffic to the area for about a month after the hydroseeding process has been completed. This will allow the grass to develop its root system and mature blades.

The hydroseeding Colorado process uses a slurry that coats the grass seed in mulch and fertilizer. These materials are environmentally friendly and will produce a healthier lawn than with traditional seeding methods. ECCO LLC will provide a uniform, healthy lawn, and it’s quick and easy to do. You can even hire a hydroseeding company to cover a large area if you don’t have the time or patience to overseed the process yourself.