Your home is an important investment. Your home should be beautiful and comfortable. Pests can cause serious damage to your home, no matter how many times your house is cleaned, painted, or updated the counters and cabinets. The damage can often go unnoticed until an appraisal or inspection is performed. Our pest control Stourbridge company will help you to identify potential problems and what you can do to prevent them.

Termites Cause Structural Damage

It may not seem like the first problem, but it is often the most serious. North Carolina termites are subterranean. Termites dig underground to find food and make tunnels. They might be digging in your soil, crawl space, or tunneling underground to chew framing and floor joints. One colony can quickly multiply to thousands and chew through your wall studs and flooring. This can cause a drastic decrease in home value and may require structural repairs that could cost thousands.

Carpenter Bees Damage Your Exterior Wood

Wood elements can be destroyed by termites, but they are not the only problem. Carpenter bees dig hollow tubes into wooden decking and support beams. Even though they don’t have a large colony of bees, carpenter honeybees can make unsightly holes in your wood. Multiple bees can cause damage to wooden posts and railings.

Rodents could cause electrical problems

Rodents seek out warm, dry areas with easy access to food. Even large rats or mice can squeeze through small spaces to gain entry to your home. Once they get inside, they will chew on the wires in your home. Rodents will continue to grow their teeth. This is why they often chew on wires in your home. They can be held between your walls.

This can cause fire hazards and damage to your house. If you have any concerns about wiring damage such as flickering light or a faulty outlet, contact an electrician immediately.

Mosquitoes Nest in Gutters

While mosquitoes will not cause structural damage to your home, they can cause buyers to be suspicious. The most common reasons for mosquito swarming are standing water, wet leaves and standing water. This could make your gutters a breeding ground if you haven’t cleaned them in a while. Clean out your gutters and put guards to prevent standing water mosquitoes from breeding.

How can you prevent pest damage at home

It is better to prevent pests entering your home than to fix damage or wait for inspections to discover. Repair any cracks in foundation walls or windows where pests might be entering your home.

  • To repel pests, you can use a wood sealant or coating.
  • You should periodically refinish your deck and railings.
  • Install a chimney cap to stop wasps nesting.


Get regular pest control service. Regular treatment and barrier sprays will keep pests out of your home. This will protect your home and keep it clean.