However, the first potential news is coming from on Twitter by the account Madden23Leaks that has been covering leaks on ratings for the last couple of weeks.Nothing is officially confirmed as of yet because these are currently unconfirmed leaks Mut 23 coins, but the account has been reported on three songs that could feature on part of the Madden 23 score.

The tracks that have been leaked are as follows:

These would be great additions if they ring true, however, we’re only scratching the surface . Last year, there were more than 50 tracks included in the game and nearly a dozen created for the release. We’re not yet sure if EA will be releasing more “created in the name of Madden” tracks based on Madden 23. Madden 23 soundtrack.

When will all Madden 23’s soundtrack tracks be revealed?

If you’re looking for the complete Madden 23 soundtrack reveal, we’re likely still several weeks until we can get final information. EA Sports tends to focus on revealing gameplay features and scores prior to launch, and the soundtrack can be one of the last things to be announced.

Based on how they’ve been making announcements so far this year, it’s possible for the Madden 23 soundtrack won’t be confirmed until the beginning of August 2022. It’s possible to see a bigger reveal if they’ve snagged any major musicians for new tracks , similar to the year before cheap madden nfl 23 coins, but the announcement didn’t happen until closer to the time of the game’s launch.