Do you know wheels out of alignment cause your vehicle to pull to one side and lead to uneven tire wear?

Even a minor misalignment can have a significant impact on your vehicle. For your car to operate smoothly, get your tires aligned from your local tire shop at least once a year or whenever you notice something wrong with your tires.

When you take your car for an alignment, the expert technicians will set all four tires in a straight line when setting the steering wheel to the center. This will help your vehicle travel in a straight line rather than veering off to the left or right.

What is Alignment?

Contrary to popular belief, wheel alignment has little to do with your wheels and more with your automobile’s suspension system. It is a process that involves adjusting the angles of your car’s wheels. The wheels are connected to your car’s suspension system. It keeps them in position as your car goes down the road and absorbs shock for a comfortable ride.

These components need to be aligned properly so that your vehicle can drive straight and handle corners with ease. It can bend or shift for a variety of causes, including collisions with other cars on the road. When this shifting happens, it causes your wheels to be misaligned, which can impact several things.

What Causes Bad Alignment?

There are ample things that can cause your alignment to go out of whack. The most common reason is hitting a curb, pothole, or some other object on the road. A sudden jolt can shift the alignment of your wheels.

Another common cause is wear and tear, which causes your car to come out of alignment. The parts of your car’s suspension system gradually wear down over time, such as shocks, struts, and springs. It develops gaps or larger tolerances than when they were new, which leads to slack in steering, loosened bolts, a shift in wheel alignment, and other problems.

Finally, changing your ride height without adjusting your suspension to match can quickly disrupt your alignment. Suspension systems are designed with a specific ride height, so when you alter this and try to adjust it out of its proper range, it can cause alignment problems.

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What Does Bad Alignment Cause?

When your wheels are misaligned, it can negatively impact many things. Firstly the handling capacity of your vehicle is reduced. When your wheels are not lined up straight, it affects how your car turns corners and how easily you can control it. Your car will also pull to one side or the other when driving on a straight road.

Your tires can also wear down unevenly when your wheels are out of alignment. It can harm the life of your tires and result in more frequent and expensive tire replacements. It’s also typical for poor alignment to result in flat spots or even tire blowouts owing to friction between the wheels that don’t properly line up. 

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What are the Telltale Signs That Your Alignment is Off?

Now that you know the importance of proper wheel alignment, it’s essential to identify when something is wrong. But how can you tell if your wheels are not aligned?

Few symptoms of bad alignment are easy to spot. When you rotate your tires, look for wear patterns in the tire tread. If one wheel consistently wears down on the inside or outside edge, that’s an indication of misalignment. 

You can also tell that you have an alignment problem by noticing how your car feels when you drive. If your car pulls strongly to one side of the road, even if the wheel is pointed straight, you know something is not right. The simplest method to check is to look at your steering wheel when driving in a straight line. If it’s not centered, then your wheels need wheel alignment service.

Also, pay attention to how your car reacts when going over bumps or when you turn. If you notice unusual vibrations, or you have to force the steering wheel to turn, then you might need an alignment.

Bottom Line

We all wish to keep our car running smoothly and safely, so ensuring that the wheels are properly aligned is essential. Worn suspension parts or impacts with other objects on the road can cause your alignment to shift, which can have several adverse effects. To avoid these issues, it is essential to get regular maintenance done by an auto repair shop in High Point, NC, and be aware of the signs that your alignment is off. Then, you can keep your vehicle in good condition and avoid expensive repairs down the road.