The construction industry is an important and crucial aspect of infrastructure development, which boosts our country’s GDP significantly. In recent years, the construction industry has seen tremendous growth around the world. Construction work is still labour-intensive, despite the rapid advancement of technology in most areas.

Construction workers are among the most vulnerable members of the unorganised and unskilled labour force, as they face severe OHSE (Occupational, Health, Safety and Environmental) risks. This industry has 4 to 5 times the rate of fatal accidents as the manufacturing sector. It’s critical that businesses take health and safety seriously, and as part of that, they must give relevant and effective training to their employees.

We at Mtandt, provide a wide array of training and certifications, through Evolution Access Technologies (EAT) and Capital Equipment Services Limited ( ) to safeguard him, his fellow workers and the company.

  • CESL

CESL is a service-oriented training and upskilling company committed to a variety of Training and Consultancy Services including customized safety training, equipment operator training, certificates of competency, as well as a range of upskilling programs including management development programs.

The various CESL training courses offered are:-

  • Work at Heights Training
  • Forklift Training
  • Life Support Training
  • Mobile Access Platform System Training
  • AWP Operators Training
  • Operations of Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts
  • Excavator Safety Training
  • Tower Crane Training

CESL is an important aspect of the training process and serves as the single point of contact for all safety concerns. The training is supported by a well-established infrastructure and highly qualified instructors. The course is inexpensive, and it offers Customized Training Solutions. The training courses are accredited and take place in a variety of settings, including offline, online, classroom, and practical training.


As an Industrial Rope Access service provider, Evolution Access Technologies helps make working at heights accessible and safe. With years of experience in developing and implementing safe and efficient height access solutions under rigorous industry standards, safety is paramount for EAT.

Each project is unique and is always initiated with a plan-specific risk assessment, covering a range of aspects such as rescue plans, site management, vendor management etc, to ensure the quality of work and safety of all involved.

Client relations are crucial to any successful project and Mtandt works closely with all stakeholders throughout all stages of the project. This helps us provide customized solutions for the evolving needs of the client and address all potential obstacles to the successful fulfilment of the project requirements.

Mtandt is proud of its highly skilled and certified IRATA Rope Access Technicians, with experience from various fields behind their credibility, who fulfil their service agreements. Industry-wide standards such as EN, ANSI, etc. are the hallmark of any Rope Access Safety solution. Every project undertaken by Mtandt’s experienced technicians is managed in adherence to internationally recognized HSE standards.

Some of the advantages of EAT are:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Eliminates the need for expensive hiring equipment and scaffolding setup
  • Speed and Flexibility: Rope Access Systems can be quickly installed and dismantled, increasing production and lowering project costs
  • Minimal Impact: Rope Access equipment is easily removable at the end of each day, leaving no visible access equipment. There will be minimal disruption and safety concerns for everyone, including pedestrians and occupants of the neighborhood
  • Structure Sensitiveness: Does not harm the structure of the building, which is vital for valuable or historic structures.

Training should not be viewed as a one-time event during the onboarding process but as an ongoing aspect of an employee’s career. Workers need to be trained more for their own safety than for the quality of their work. CESL’s  mission is to help professionals bridge the skills gap by providing world-class training and services, as well as to achieve excellence in upskilling working professionals to worldwide standards by providing superior training solutions.

To take care of your workers’ safety contact Mtandt at [email protected] or call +91 9090 1010 65 to know more about our products and services.