Nowadays, Custom Mailer Boxes can be found everywhere in e-commerce. You need all the information accessible if you’re considering employing these boxes for your subscription or e-commerce brand in order to make an educated choice.

Custom Mailer Boxes: What Are They?

Custom Mailer boxes are composed of corrugated cardboard, which offers the contents of the box significant protection while delivery. These boxes don’t need any extra packing materials, which usually raise prices and reduce convenience. By printing branded text, logos, and other visuals right onto the box, mailer boxes can completely custom meet a brand’s style. Custom mailer boxes are thus perfect for subscription and e-commerce brands.

How Do Custom Mailer Boxes Benefit Your Business?

It turns out that adopting custom mailer boxes for your company has a ton of advantages. Here are a few examples:

Extremely Lightweight

Custom Mailer packaging made to order are lightweight. As a result of their small size and lightweight, they are simple to transport. As a result, they are also simple for buyers to carry, which enhances the unpacking experience.

Secure and Safe Packaging

Custom mailer boxes are strong and secure since they include flaps that can prevent contents from spilling out. Because they are made of sturdy corrugated cardboard, which is recognized for being puncture- and crush-proof, custom mailer boxes are also secure.

Highly Cost-effective

Because the basic materials used to make custom mailer boxes are reasonably priced, they are also inexpensive. Additionally, they are a commodity in high demand, thus suppliers of the packaging must supply them at fair pricing. To ensure that you are receiving the best pricing, do your market research and choose a trustworthy packaging company.

Flexible Nature

Custom mailer packaging can be made in a broad range of sizes and forms to accommodate all of your items, making them flexible. Additionally, they are available in a broad range of paper varieties, such as brown kraft paper, magic white, and essential white.

Available in Custom Sizes

Custom mailer boxes can be made to any size by default. This implies that you can choose your box’s length, breadth, depth, paper type, and even the ink utilized by certain businesses. This means that with a custom packaging company, you can alter every aspect of your custom cardboard boxes, from the printing choices to the internal measurements and everything in between.

Ecologically friendly

Since custom mailer boxes can be recycled after use and are generally composed of recycled materials, they are also environmentally beneficial.

Therefore, custom mailer boxes are the ideal packaging choice for eco-friendly companies. Environmentally friendly packaging is becoming more important to consumers, and they are more likely to buy products from companies that make an effort to protect the environment.

Exceptional Unboxing experience

Customers are also becoming more and more demanding of businesses, and unique mailer boxes provide them with an amazing unboxing experience. This is due to the feeling of receiving a gift when you open a mailer box. You can improve the unwrapping experience even further by including products like fillers, inserts, or your own artwork.

Creating Brand Awareness

Every brand and company wants and strives for brand awareness. A brand can finally capture the largest share of market revenues if it gains widespread market recognition. Because of this, we often find companies searching for distinctive and trademarked packaging options for their goods to establish a distinctive name in the marketplace.

They are Anti-Tampered

Untempered products are usually popular with customers. We see that persons working in the logistics industry often have shipping problems that necessitate the return of the products simply because of poor packaging. Packaging makers are developing cutting-edge packaging methods and have created boxes specifically for shipping needs by adding all anti-tampering elements. These days, custom boxes include QR codes, Bar codes, anti-tampering stickers, and sensors to enable all brands and logistic brands to deliver the ordered products to customers in perfect condition.


The price of custom mailer packaging is the most important factor. Since kraft paper and cardboard were used to make these boxes. Due to the affordable availability of these materials on the market, package makers can produce these boxes at the lowest possible cost. Additionally, their production costs are further decreased when produced in quantity, enabling suppliers to sell these boxes at competitive pricing. When purchasing in bulk, it has been observed that many packaging providers give discounts and coupons. Therefore, you may also save money by buying bespoke mailer boxes in bulk at a lower price. They are cost-effective for all brands and enterprises because of this feature.


Every e-commerce and logistical business wants to deliver things securely since doing so helps them earn their consumers’ confidence. Given the advantages and qualities of these products as explained above, custom mailer boxes are an appropriate option for them. These boxes excel in every way, including customization, variety, and the capacity to tell a narrative, as well as environmental friendliness, product safety, and cost. As a result, you may use their edge to set yourself apart from the competitors.

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