IELTS exam (International English Language Testing System) is well-known globally with English speakers as a second language and their expertise. The exam is managed and owned by British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment, and IDP Education Australia. If you are willing to take admission to a college or university, applying to business firms, or enroll for a visa in different countries. The IELTS examination can help you attain your career, education, or life goals in which ever country; the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, or Canada.

Importance Of IELTS Exam

IELTS test is similar in terms of examiners, content, format, level, and scoring for whatever you are applying for such as work, study, or a visa. If your test results are not satisfactory then you can retake the exam. Try to take out some more time and study more before trying for your next attempt. In most of the countries, language classes and preparatory courses are offered by test centers, but it is also available online. The learning resources would help to replenish your knowledge and also how you can prepare for the test in the best way.

The test is necessary for college or university admission, while the General Training IELTS is for career and immigration purposes.

Important Of IELTS For Education
If you want to study abroad then don’t forget that several universities and all colleges and universities in the UK require IELTS exam results.

So if you are planning for a postgraduate or undergraduate degree program, you have to appear for the IELTS practice test. The IELTS exam is acceptable for courses that do not provide a degree.

For being an international student, you have to manifest that you are well proficient and can successfully complete your degree program taught in the English language. You just have to score good IELTS points for applying for progressive degree programs.

IELTS For Employment

It is a remarkable step for attaining a visa as you will be providing an evidence of your proficiency in a language and can start working overseas. Having language skills is most essential fundamentals for career success and is a valued asset. For applying a work visa, you must complete either ‘vocational’ English or ‘competent’ English language skills.

There are different test scores for different countries:

• For UK, candidates have to accomplish at least 6.5 on each of the four sections including writing, speaking, reading, and listening.
• In Australia, 5 is recognized as ’vocational English’ level. A band score of 6 is considered as a ’competent English’ speaker.
• For working in New Zealand, you must secure an overall score of at least 4 or higher. Providing additional proofs of English language abilities, like, details about countries you have lived in, family’s proficiency in English, etc. would also help.
• In Canada, first you should confirm directly with the companies that they want to apply for the IELTS score fundamentals. Most of the managers and educational institutions are seen setting their own language requirements.
• What all we have discussed above for the countries, you should consider that minimum score requirements varies depending on your chosen occupation. Some of the work, candidates have to obtain about a minimum of 6 in each of the testing modules, whereas for educators, a minimum score of 7 is mandatory.

IELTS For Immigration and Importance

IELTS test is used in government departments as part of their application processes and get the right to permanent residence or to attain citizenship. The language expertise is examined to see people’s ability to merge into society and the workplace. Most of the people wonder, that is IELTS compulsory for immigration? This test is trusted by immigration authorities and thus it plays a critical role in manage migration numbers.

For UK-government there is the Secure English Language Test (SELT) that is a part of the visa application procedure. This exam is recognized as IELTS Life Skills or ‘IELTS for UKVI’. This shows that IELTS can be used to confirm your English language expertise for Visa and Immigration (UKVI) application. The test requests you to display your listening and speaking skills. Then you get passed or failed result at the end of the exam.

• For immigration to New Zealand it requires IELTS band score of 6.5 in the Academic or General Training IELTS modules. This is compulsory for visa.

• Canada acknowledges IELTS general training, but you have to accomplish the Canadian Language Benchmarks standard.

• Australia accepts both Competent and Vocational English by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

We hope all your thoughts regarding the IELTS exam such as why IELTS, IELTS importance, need of IELTS, use of IELTS exam, etc are all answered. Now, you can start your IELTS preparation which usually takes approximately 6-8 weeks. Stay confident with Indra Global Consultancy Services, and maintain a positive attitude and put your best foot forward!