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Rosa damascena is a hybrid of the rose species Rosa gallica and Rosa moschata. Rose Otto Essential Oil is sometimes referred to as the Damask rose and produces highly prized, commercially harvested roses. The plant is a deciduous shrub with dense stems, curving prickles, and thorns that can reach heights of up to 7 feet. It has pinnate leaves and pink or crimson blooms. Since Roman times, Bulgarian roses have been cultivated. For the production of rose perfume oil known as Indian attar, several types of roses, including Rosa damascena, have been allowed to naturally grow in India. In order to enable harvesting and preserve the cultivars from harm, the plant is grown in hedgerows. For commercial uses, rose plants are widely grown in India and Bulgaria. The Rose Otto plant’s blooms are used by Rose Otto Essential Oil Manufacturers to extract the oil. This method is called steam distillation. It has a thin, colourless to light yellow consistency with a strong, sweet rosy scent. It mostly includes the chemicals geraniol, nerol, and citronellol. The oil has antifungal, aphrodisiac, antibacterial, and depressive effects.


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Numerous high-end fragrances and Indian attars use Rose Otto Oil. It is incorporated into diffuser and aromatherapy blends for its calming effects. In addition to numerous other end products, the oil is utilised to create a variety of skincare and hair care products. For flavor and aroma, it is added to foods including ice cream, sweets, yoghurts, jelly, and pudding. Persian healers employ the oil to treat male sexual dysfunction. Rose Otto essential oil regulates emotions and calms the neurological system. Lowering stress and anxiety helps to maintain cardiovascular health. Its powerful perfume arouses the desire for sexual activity. Due to its potent aroma, it is added to numerous cosmetic products, hair serums, shampoos, detergents, and hygiene items. Rose Otto Essential Oil Suppliers provide this essential oil along with other essential oils at a minimal price.

Word of Caution:

It is safe to use and consume Rose Otto Essential Oil internally and externally. Considering that it is highly concentrated, we advise using it sparingly and diluted. Due to its high concentration, it must be diluted with other oils. It should also be kept away from sensitive places like the eyes.