The term ‘double glazed’ refers to windows or doors that have an open space between two connected glass panes. Irrespective of the season, double glazed awning windows and doors make your property in Melbourne more enticing. The tight seals between the panes prevent heat from entering or escaping, enabling more control over the warmth of your home.

Besides energy efficiency, double glazed sliding doors and windows maximise your comfort in Melbourne. Their excellent sound insulating qualities allow you to relax in peace while at home. These windows and doors reduce intrusive street noise by up to 60 per cent. Pair these double glazed units with uPVC frames for enhancing security, longevity and airtightness.

Benefits of Double Glazed Awning Windows & Sliding Doors:

Premium quality double glazed awning doors and indows add value to your property while being extremely durable. These double glazed units can withstand all weather conditions easily. The hardwearing good looks of these units preserve the pristine appearance of your property for years to come.

Well fitted and maintained double glazed doors and windows are safe for humans. They are free from harmful chemicals, easy to clean, eliminate germs from your household while reducing maintenance efforts substantially. Our double glazed units offer high allergen resistance through even greater airtightness when combined with uPVC frames.