Bottled water may seem affordable at first, but its costs can rack up the longer you use them. Invest in a filtered water dispenser for your home. Thus, you can drink clean water anytime, switching to a reusable tumbler if you need to go out.

Reasons to buy a filtered water dispenser

  • You want healthier water

Most people think that water does not contain any ingredients. But did you know that it has traces of minerals and nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and zinc? According to research, drinking water alone can fulfil a percentage of your daily calcium and magnesium requirements.

What’s great is that filtered dispensers can supply healthy drinking water for your home. Although they contain filtration systems, their advanced technology prevents them from filtering out essential vitamins and minerals.

  • You want cleaner water

Does your tap water smell and taste weird? Stop drinking it right now.It may contain some harmful substances and endanger your health. Unfiltered water is notorious for its contaminants, with traces of bacteria, organic matter, and chlorine from the piping and maintenance systems.

Fortunately, filtered dispensers can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in your water. This is since they use a four-stage filtration system involving activated carbon and nanomembranes, ensuring that the water is free of microscopic impurities.

  • You want to live a sustainable lifestyle

Drinking bottled water is not a sustainable choice. Not only is it costly—but also bad for the environment. For example, bottled water often comes in plastic containers, contributing heavily to pollution and plastic waste.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendlier alternative, filtered water dispensers are the best choice. They only supply water when you need it, minimising waste and reducing costs.

Don’t forget to buy your filtered water dispenser from a top-rated and reliable company in Singapore. You can find providers offering high-quality products, including tank and tankless dispensers with built-in UV sterilisation and nano-filtration.