If used correctly when used properly, social media can be an effective addition to a department’s communication strategy. Since many employees have expressed an desire to develop and maintain an online presence on social media in both professional and personal capacities The Office of University Communications and Marketing has created this overview of social media. Read this guide before you begin to build your social media profile.

What is social media?

The social media platform is an online method of communication. Social media platforms permit users to engage in conversations as well as share information and make web-based content. There are many types of social media, such as micro-blogs, blogs, wikis, blogs social networking websites photo-sharing websites and instant messaging, video sharing websites and widgets. They also have podcasts, virtual worlds, and much more.

What’s the advantages of using the social network?

Millions of people across all over the world use social media to share information and create connections. In a personal sense, social media lets you connect with family and friends and learn about new things and develop your interests and even be entertained. Professionally you can utilize social media to expand your knowledge of a specific area and to build the professional networks of other professionals from your field. On a company level social media can allow you to engage with your customers, get feedback from customers, and build your business’s image.

Do I need to create Social Media accounts to promote my company?

Only employees of universities who have been authorized by their department can make use of social networks to conduct university business. Check to see if your department doesn’t already have a social media profile on the websites you intend to utilize. If the account was already established, don’t create another account. Instead, you should contact the manager of your current account if you want to add information.

Which social media websites should my company be on?

With numerous new social media websites launching every year, choosing which one is the best for your company is a daunting task. It is crucial to stay aware of new social media platforms, and know how they can be integrated into your communication strategy. But there are a few social media platforms will be suitable for your company’s brand or goals in marketing.

Before you create an official account on a brand new social media platform for your company, test it out on a personal basis. Make an account for yourself and then make use of it. Learn how other users and businesses use the site. What kind of content is published on the website? What posts are most popular ones on the website? What is the frequency of users and businesses posting?

Consider how your company would be able to fit into. If you are on a social media platform does not mean that you have to be. If you are apprehensive about using too many social media platforms could weaken your social media strategy, and prevent you from using all of them efficiently. Instead, concentrate on the social media platforms that permit you to publish your content to the right target audience.

Which social networking websites do The University of South Florida use?

There are a variety of social media platforms available to use however, the University of South Florida has established an official presence for the university on seven social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. The university’s social media accounts are maintained through the Office of University Communications and Marketing.

I’ve decided to set up an official social media profile for my company. What do I do now?

Contact the team responsible for social media at University Communications and Marketing for instructions.

I am an USF employee and would like to set up a personal Facebook account. Do you have any rules?

University Communications and Marketing has created a set of guidelines for faculty and employees who want to set up individual account on social networks for professional or personal use. Contact the team responsible for social media in University Communications and Marketing for the best methods.