Your child has a fantastic opportunity to straighten their teeth and encourage a happy, healthy smile with the help of Invisalign in San Diego. Your kid benefits from responsibility and receives a gorgeous smile when you pick Invisalign.

Some children prefer the idea of traditional metal braces because they can choose the color of their braces each time, they visit an orthodontist. However, some people would prefer not to have such obvious braces.

Your clear aligners may become foggy or yellow looking if they become stained by food or food dye. Make sure your aligners never come into touch with food to avoid this unattractive appearance. Your oral health may also suffer if you eat while wearing aligners. Your Invisalign can become contaminated with bacteria and food particles. They may become stuck, resulting in tooth decay, bad breath, and enamel deterioration. And to avoid contamination, remember to brush and floss your teeth before putting your aligners back in after eating!

If aesthetics is a problem, kids tend to feel less self-conscious about their treatment because Invisalign is harder to see than traditional braces. The main reason parents and children consider Invisalign instead of braces is the potential for anxiety and self-esteem problems associated with traditional metal braces.

Therefore, you must remove your aligners and place them in their case before you eat. Wrong! This straightforward error is frequently made, resulting in dirty aligners. The secret is to always rinse your Invisalign aligners before putting them back in their case. This technique keeps them looking and smelling good! Not to mention controlling bacteria.

Cost is the other important consideration when picking between Invisalign and traditional braces. Which one costs less? Invisalign or braces? In general, but not always, braces are less expensive. Because each person’s Invisalign aligners are manufactured specifically for them, there is a lot of 3-D technology involved with Invisalign, which might raise the overall cost.

Remove them in front of a mirror for a simple reminder to not skip this step. If you’re doing this, you’ll typically be close to a sink, giving you a visual cue to rinse. You might also try adding a small note to your case telling you to rinse, rinse, rinse!

Contrarily, braces are designed to be simple for an orthodontist to work with. Without involving a third-party lab, as Invisalign San Diego does, they can do a visual inspection and alter the wires as necessary. Traditional braces may be the less expensive option if affordability is your main concern.

For your teeth, what toothpaste? Good. For your Invisalign, toothpaste? Very poor! You might find folks advocating toothpaste if you Google “how to clean aligners.” That, however, is not the best for the longevity of your aligners. Abrasive ingredients found in toothpaste may be safe for teeth but are not recommended for use with aligners.

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