It is very important to choose a platform that is good if you want to build a business website. On the internet, you will easily find sites of various types that are many in number. Among them, 30 % are powered by WordPress. If you take interest in online shopping or in blogging then WP is most suitable for you as it offers customization to a great extent. Now I am going to tell you if building websites using WordPress is considered as web development or not.

WP is not a website but a platform for building websites. So, we can say that considering WP as web development is absolutely right. There is no doubt that for building and developing the sites a great foundation is WP.

What are the reasons behind calling WP as the web development’s preferred platform?

The reasons are as follows:

1.Setting up WP is very easy – Anyone can use WP with great ease. As a result, WP grabs the attention of a large number of people towards it. You need not to be a coding expert to create a WP site. It will take your one hour only to set it up. Some effort and time are needed to create a site of your choice. It is not necessary for you to have technical skills of advanced level to set up or run a WP site.

2.You can have a knowledge base of the global level – A lot of popularity has been gained by WP in the past 10 years. For fixing any issue you can take the help of a large number of online resources available. There are several videos on YouTube and a number of blog posts that will demonstrate to you the way of personalizing your site. So, we can say that this popular platform can be really advantageous to you. To give you information about the latest features of WP there is a large number of articles, lots of how-tos and countless information sources.

3.You can use it pleasantly and intuitively – For managing the media files, creating new pages and customizing your site you have to log in to the “backend” or “admin” of WordPress. You can use it intuitively and reliably and it doesn’t matter that like a few newer platforms, WP is not beautiful and sleek. By using various themes and plugins of WP, creating quizzes or polls, linking to the sites of social media, adding videos and pictures and writing sub-headings and headings will be easy for you.

4.This platform offers full freedom for designing – For a large number of similar-looking sites the home can be Wix and Squarespace as these are the reputed platforms for developing the sites. Most individuals make use of those template designs that are limited. Because of this differentiating between two trades can sometimes be very difficult.

But you will be surprised to know that endless opportunities for customization are offered by WP. As a result, this platform attracts a lot of people. A large number of design themes that are premium or free are available on WP and you can pick any one among these at the time of creating a WP site. For your site, you may be considering a design that is sleek, full of fun or colourful. You can create that design with the help of the WP platform.

5.It offers a number of options and plugins as per your requirement – By using a number of plugins you can customize WP. To create an online shop, enhance the speed of your site, or to create polls, lists, and several other features you can use plugins. According to the needs of your site, its core functionality can be determined with the help of plugins and for controlling the looks of your site you can use themes. Your brand can get a completely customized site if you will use these two features of WP.

6.This platform helps in creating a mobile responsive site – By using a tablet, a smartphone or a laptop you can visit a site that WP has created. Mobile users drive a lot of web traffic. In the SERPs, your mobile responsive site can get a good ranking. For creating mobile responsive sites the WordPress development company can provide you with great help.