In the same way, skincare serums can help boost your skin and give your face a great look; getting your hands on the best hair serum can also change how your hair looks. It’s the boost your hair needs that dives deeper to give your hair the glowing look it deserves. These products do more to your hair than the traditional moisturizing and cleansing products you would use. However, before you use these products, it’s vital to understand that they vary in types and ways of applying for the best results. To get the most out of the serum you are using, ensure you are using it right. Therefore, it’s important to know if you can apply it on wet or dry hair.

The Different Types Of Serums

You can use different types of serums on your hair, and their ways of applying also differ. The two main types include hair serums and scalp serums. And to understand if it’s better to apply  both on wet or dry hair, here is a closer look:

Hair Serums

These serums are major in reducing dryness, promoting shine, and controlling frizz. Unlike scalp serums, these form a part of your styling regimen, which makes them essential to use in the morning. Different hair serum brands come with different instruction labels, which is crucial to follow. However, you can use most hair serums on damp hair. This is usually just after washing and conditioning your hair.

There are other formulas that you can use on towel-dried hair or dry hair. This heavily depends on the final results you are looking to achieve. Most hair growth serum instructions include putting a few drops on your fingers and then working on your hair strand by strand from end to middle.

Scalp Serums

Scalp care is vital and should be intentional, as it’s where the roots are. Scalp serums mainly aim to encourage healthy hair growth. Usually, you should apply them directly to your scalp, not the strands. As a result, you need to be cautious with the scalp serum you choose. Most scalp serums are applicable on dry or wet hair. You need to massage it on your scalp at night or in the evening to allow your skin to absorb it. Depending on the hair growth serum formulation you buy, you can always use it as a pre-shampoo or scalp treatment before bed. Another way can be just after cleansing the hair and before styling.

How Much Serum Can You Use?

Always use your hair serum sparingly. This is because some of them can be too greasy, so you should always start at the ends as you spread. The best amount is only a pea-size on your fingers if you have oily or thin hair. You can add a little more if your hair is fuller and drier. Also, it’s essential to note that anyone can use serums on their hair. But stick to the lighter formulas for better results if your hair is oily and thin. But for dry and thicker hair, you can use ultra–moisturizing or heavy formulas.

This guide can help guide you on the best way to use the serum on your hair and get the most results. Always pick a serum best suited for your hair type. If you notice a particular serum formulation is causing hair fall or rushes on your scalp, then it’s best to discontinue use.