Everybody dreams about getting a caravan and driving across the country for an adventurous life. Well, it might sound fascinating, but caravans come with a lot of maintenance and responsibilities. Caravans are so different from the cars we drive around. So naturally, their maintenance and requirements are also different from the usual. They have a different set of rules for their servicing and maintenance. This also includes MOT tests. So the question here is whether the caravans need an MOT test or not. Well, they do need servicing but MOT Birmingham? It is different from vehicle servicing and is more of a legal requirement. So, let’s know more about it.

Does Your Caravan Require Servicing?

Do you often confuse servicing with an MOT test? Because most people still do! They are entirely different things. So, according to the law, if your car is older than three years, it has to go through an annual MOT exam. This will prove that your car is still roadworthy. The MOT Test Birmingham is more like an inspection of the overall condition of your vehicle. So, if the standard requirements are not up to the level, the vehicle might be illegal to drive on UK roads. The inspection considers various factors such as tyres, brakes, lights, seatbelts, doors, windows, etc.

So, if your vehicle is older than 3 years, you must book the annual MOT exam. This will help you in preserving the law of the country. But, the best part is that your caravan doesn’t need an annual MOT test. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep it properly. You have to service and maintain your caravan regularly to keep it roadworthy. It is less about the law and more about the safety concerns of your own family and the people on the road.

Servicing is different from the MOT because it is not just a test or inspection, but also the in-depth checking and fixing of the problem. Servicing includes each and every part of your car, including the engines. It fixes the problem rather than just handing over a certificate. So, no matter if you own a car or a caravan, you must regularly service your vehicle.

However, servicing isn’t legally essential. It is more of a matter of safety concern. You should voluntarily service your vehicles to maintain their roadworthiness.

What Comes Under the Caravan Servicing?

Caravans have a different design and structure than cars. So, their servicing and maintenance are naturally different from the cars. They have a number of extra checks in the procedure than the cars. The tyres and wheels of caravans should get regular maintenance as they carry around a heavier load than normal cars.

The list is long but it is important to maintain the safety of your caravan. The full servicing of a caravan might take some time, but more time necessary for a car servicing. Your caravans might have a kitchen, bathroom and other rooms. There must be more appliances than a car. So, all these things together increase the list of servicing procedures for the caravan. But, having so many devices and systems need servicing for their proper functioning. The water system, gas system, electric devices, trims and bodyworks, running gears, fire and safety, ventilation and carbon monoxide inspection, all these inspections are necessary for your caravan’s health.

Check and Change Your Caravan Tyres:

The caravan tyres might look similar to the car tyres, but they are not. Caravan tyres have the ability to carry an extra load than car tyres. The caravans have a kitchen, bathroom, rooms and so many appliances and system in it. It also occupies more people than cars and carries all these loads around all the time. So, their tyres are more prone to damage due to the friction from the roadways.

Frequently check your caravan tyres for any kind of scratches, bulges, pressure fluctuations, etc. So, if the depth goes below 1.6mm, it is illegal to drive around with those tyres. So, change them immediately. It also becomes dangerous to use those tyres on the road. Your tyres wouldn’t brake properly and would skid on wet roads. So, keep a look at it.

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