Today countless poetry competitions are held online. If you are interested in joining the best poetry contests out there, you should first make certain that the contest you are joining is legit. While there are numerous poetry contests out there that are geared to helping the aspiring writers, we cannot deny the fact that there are a good number of scams too. Therefore, it is vital that you carefully select your poetry contests.

How would one know whether the poetry contest is legit? At times, it is very challenging to differentiate between legitimate poetry contests and not so legitimate contests. It does not mean that you cannot spot the good ones at all. Here are a few basic factors for you to keep in mind when selecting your poetry contests.

First check the history of the poetry contest platform. How long has the poetry contest platform has been operating? If the platform that you are selecting has a long-standing history and if has been around for several years then it is the first sign that it is a legitimate platform. The ones that are not legitimate will not have a long history as they try to scam unassuming users and disappear quickly. The first factor to look for therefore is the history of the contest platform.

Secondly, check whether the poetry contest platform asks for any contest fee or membership fee to join the platform. Legitimate platforms too have paid contests but you need to take this factor in conjunction with the history of the platform. If the poetry contest platform is totally new and if they do not let the users participate in any contest before making a payment, you may want to double check things with respect to such factors.

Thirdly, what are the users have to say about the contest platform? Does the contest platform enjoy a good reputation or does it have negative reputation? Obviously, you would be going with the platform that has a positive image. When you are checking the reputation, you must also find out whether the winners are actually awarded the prize announced for the contest. At times, some of these contests announce huge cash prizes but they do not give away any prizes to the winners. You need to be cautious about such platforms and stay away from them.

To screen your poetry contests you will need a considerable amount of time. You should not be blindly signup with any random contest you come across. Only when you allow yourself adequate time to screen the contests you will be able to spot the best ones and stay away from the ‘not-so-good’ ones. You will be able to find numerous poetry contests online that you could confidently join. Not all contests are out there to rip you off. We are just recommending here that you need to tread a bit cautiously before you signup for any poetry contest so that you will have a good experience participating in the contest.