A true jewelry lover is the one who keeps refreshing the collection every year. Sometimes you purchase jewelry to follow the trend, and sometimes, you set the trend with your classy collection. If you are born in July, then this is the right time for you to start hand-picking July birthstone jewelry for this year. Most online jewelry portals and jewelry stores are full of dazzling collections of ruby rings, ruby earrings, and other ruby jewelry. Here are some must-have July birthstone jewelry ideas; you should load your collection with them.

1. Vintage Oval Untreated Ruby Ring

There is a famous quotation about fashion. “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” This is why a vintage ruby ring should be the first choice if it comes to July birthstone jewelry. The ring has a beautiful formation with pave set diamond and a ruby of size at the center. This July birthstone ring can match all the dresses in your wardrobe.

Vintage Oval Untreated Ruby Ring

2. S linked ruby bracelet

If your birthstone is ruby, then an S-linked bracelet is must-have jewelry. The best thing I like about this type of bracelet is that when you see it from the front, you will see gemstones whereas from the back of the bracelet, you will see numerous hearts aligned beautifully. On GemsNY, you will find an S-linked ruby bracelet with an option to customize the carat weight of the stone and bracelet length. You can also choose from different metal types such as classic gold, white gold, or platinum.

S linked ruby bracelet

3. Three Stone ruby pendant:

Another jewelry piece that is in trend these days is a 3 stone ruby pendant. It has a ruby at the center and two diamonds complementing it. This bracelet looks like a perfect piece of art. You can team up this pendant with a gold or silver chain. You can also play with other metal combinations for your pendant. This glorious pendant will definitely be noticed by everyone around, and no one will be able to resist asking you about this amazing jewel.

three Stone ruby pendant

4. Round shaped Ruby earrings:

A round-shaped ruby earring with diamonds studded all around is a must-have piece of jewelry for a July-born jewelry lover. These earrings have a prong setting that highlights the round-shaped ruby at its best. The material used in this earring is skin-friendly, and you can wear the pair all day. The design of the earrings is good to go with any hairstyle you pick.

Round shaped Ruby earrings

Other than these must-have jewelry items, you can also find some more trendy July birthstone jewelry, such as a ruby necklace with multiple rubies and diamonds. Ruby is a red color gemstone that attracts everyone and if you go for beautifully crafted jewelry from Gemsny, everyone around you will definitely give you compliments. Get set, make most of the discounts and load your cart before all the amazing stuff goes out of stock.