Sanitizers have been around for a long time – as much as 50 years! However, in India, their use became more prevalent only during the pandemic. That’s pretty unfortunate, as one shouldn’t restrict the use of sanitizers only during adverse conditions. Instead, people must make sanitizers part of their routine hygiene. So, now that we’ve started using sanitizers let’s continue with the habit. Let’s see why.

The Pandemic Isn’t Over Yet!

No. No one’s scaring you by saying this. But the reality is that the pandemic indeed isn’t over yet. You may not find as much of news these days about the pandemic. However, the virus continues to develop newer variants and is still floating around.

That makes using hand sanitizers relevant and crucial, as much as it did during the pandemic’s peak a couple of years ago. Using an effective pocket sanitizer once daily can help neutralize germs on your hands.

But Why Use Sanitizers Only the Pandemic? Don’t Sanitizers Enhance Hygiene Otherwise?

Now, the question is, why use sanitizers only during the pandemic? Aren’t germs prevalent otherwise and even during normal times?

For a country that isn’t as habitual in using sanitizers, it is evident that its citizens render sanitizers irrelevant after the pandemic subsides.

But ideally, the use of sanitizers must not be restricted to an epidemic, pandemic, or only during a particular infection. Instead, everyone must either apply sanitizer once during the day or keep a bottle handy to kills germs and stay away from touch-based infections as much as possible.

Using a sanitizer doesn’t guarantee complete immunity. However, it neutralizes the impact of the germs, thus at least minimizing the risk arising from them.

Common Benefits of Using Hand Sanitizers

Let’s look at some common benefits of hand sanitizers and why using them is always imperative.

  • Reduced number of hand washes
  • Prove handy where there are no sinks to wash hands
  • Reduces the bacteria count on hands
  • Instantly kill 99.9% of microorganisms on hands
  • Softer than soaps
  • Leave a pleasant fragrance
  • Your hands remain moist

The only thing you must remember is that sanitizers contain alcohol as one of the primary constituents. Alcohol can render the skin dry and cause various skin problems. Hence, you must avoid using them excessively.

Nevertheless, using a hand sanitizer devoid of harsh chemicals can help. It can help you keep your skin soft and hydrated. It can protect your hands with minimal use.

Use a Sanitizer Regularly. Buy a Hand Sanitizer Online with Just Human!

Now that we’ve developed the habit of using a sanitizer let’s continue with it even beyond the pandemic. These sanitizers are an effective way of keeping germs away and staying safe from infections arising from bacteria, germs, or microorganisms.

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Stay Safe!