During Lake Oswego Invisalign treatment, brushing and flossing techniques are extremely important. Your child’s teeth and gums can be healthier thanks to the aligners’ detachable design. They are not concerned about their teeth being harmed by food being lodged in wires or braces.

It’s also essential for them to brush their teeth after every meal to get rid of any potential bacterial buildup in the aligners. While they might first need some encouragement and reassurance, Invisalign helps children learn responsibility for their oral health.

There are no metal components in Invisalign that could irritate or cut your child’s mouth’s interior. Invisalign also causes less discomfort because the forces acting on the teeth are applied more gradually.

The teeth are straightened via Invisalign. But it’s also simpler to effectively brush and use floss in addition to having a healthier smile. This refers to minor dental issues like toothaches or cavities. White patches on the teeth might occasionally appear even after the metal braces have been taken off. With aligners, this is not the case. Finally, root resorption, in which the tooth root vanishes beneath the cavity, is not a major issue. Because braces employ different levels of force, this occurs more frequently with them.

Invisalign can be a better option if your child plays sports competitively. When wearing metal braces, there is a higher chance of damaging a bracket or chipping a tooth. Because Invisalign covers and shields the teeth, the danger of dental accidents is reduced. Your child can store their aligners in the case for safety if they must wear a mouthguard.

Your first thought is probably to get braces for your child when you first notice that their permanent teeth are erupting unevenly. Orthodontic braces, as we know them today, have existed in some form since the late 1800s, even though people have been seeking ways to enhance their smiles for thousands of years.

Generally speaking, depending on the scenario, orthodontic treatment takes roughly two years. That period of time might be shorter with Invisalign. While some children only require a year of treatment, others do. Your Beaverton Orthodontics assesses your case and scans your mouth to make the aligners if you decide to proceed with Invisalign. They can estimate how long your treatment will take once they can see the inside of your mouth more clearly.

For good reason—they work—everyone has a relative or friend who wore braces when they were younger. However, as you are certainly aware, orthodontics has made significant strides in recent years, giving you and your child more alternatives. As an alternative to braces, you may already be aware of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, but you may not be entirely certain how the two treatment options compare to one another.

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