• Easy to read and learn

Python is a simple language to read and learn. It doesn’t have complex syntaxes like other high-level languages such as C or C++. Thanks to lesser complexity, Python allows you to think more clearly and focus on logic building.

  • Reduces Maintenance Cost

Owing to its simplicity, Python makes application maintenance easier and, thus, reduces the costs involved, which is a massive advantage.

  • Avoid the Harms from Software Bugs

Python doesn’t let a code bug initiate a segmentation fault within the application. Due to this, it is considered to be a preferred language.

  • Wide Applicability

Another essential feature of this language is that it is widely applicable. Engineers, scientists, and mathematicians broadly use it.

  • Memory Management

Python has a vast library with memory management capabilities, and this makes it stand out from the other programming languages. It includes a private heap containing all Python objects and data structures and a built-in memory manager to maintain this private heap.

  • Straightforward and Speedy

The Python community provides rapid and practical support to users as well as the fast adaptation of code. Some experts like to give Python the moniker, “ready-to-run language” because it only requires simple code to be executed. Enhancing and testing code is much more comfortable with Python.

  • Asynchronous Coding

Asynchronous coding uses a single event loop to complete a job in small intervals.  Python is very useful for writing asynchronous code because it is easy to write and maintain. It doesn’t require any complex research contentions, deadlocks, or any other complexity.

  • Integration with Other Languages

Python has libraries like Cython and Jython, which allow integration with other languages like C, C++, and Java to enable cross-platform development. This is one of the main perks of Python as no language is perfect, and sometimes development requires diverse language functionalities that are impossible to have in one language.

  • Enterprise Application Integration

Python is the best choice for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). It makes web application development, invoking CORBA or COM components, and direct calling to and from Java/C++/C easier. Moreover, it offers reliable process control features and implementation of internet data formats and protocols. Further, Python helps users in processing markup languages like XL, executes through the same byte code on advanced operating systems, and can be utilized as a scripting language.

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