Say what you want to say and express what you want to express with the tattoos doing all the talking and with us as your supportive agent and tattoo artist throughout the process.

At our permanent makeup and tattoo studio, we let your imagination mingle with our specialization and have them create beautiful works of art that will adorn your body for the rest of your life.

You may get a tattoo to express yourself better, as a sense of style, as a statement that you would like to represent to the world, or as a means of being a better version of yourself. There could be a hundred other reasons for you to get a tattoo, and we are here to tell you that we will make sure that your imagination is fulfilled and that it is done in a safe and secure way.

In all of our procedures, no matter if it is for a tattoo or for some sort of permanent makeup, we take the utmost care and finish it with absolute accuracy and precision. Some of the procedures we perform include tattoos (specializing in certain genres and others), lip blush, eyelash enhancement treatment (i.e., invisible eye-liner), microblading, ombre powder brows, and scalp/hairline restoration, among others.

Our artist is a dual license holder in the states of Maine and Florida. She received her micro-pigmentation certification from a 105-hour training in Florida, and she is also recognized by SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals ) and AAM (American Academy of Micropigmentation).

We have made quite a reputable name for ourselves online for providing top-quality permanent makeup services to our clients. Some of them have also proclaimed us of having the best permanent makeup near Bangor, ME. There are many regulars for our microblading services in Bangor, ME, and they always recommend it to their friends or bring them along the next time out of the satisfaction of their experience with us.

When it comes to permanent makeup, we have the confidence of providing our clients with the best of everything, whether they be skills, techniques, equipment, or a comfortable atmosphere. Moreover, permanent makeup procedures are favorable as they reduce costs and efforts in the long run and are non-invasive at the same time. With the numbing agent in place, one can barely feel anything and the sensation they have during the procedure is no more than a tickle. At the same time, the results are beautiful, vibrant, radiant, and fascinating. Get our clients proclaimed the best permanent makeup near Bangor, ME, like our microblading services in Bangor, ME or others, and be the showstopper of every event you attend, evening you go out on, and occasion you arrive at.

Our artist specializes in old-school sailor traditional style of tattoos and in colorful Japanese artwork. If one wants to get a tattoo from us, they can choose either or get a style that is a combination of the two, resulting in a unique artwork that will be a be beautiful, eye-catching art piece and a hot topic of discussion wherever they go. All our tattoo-making procedures are done by paying keen attention so that the outcome is the exact replica of the picture chosen by the client. We also do an in-depth discussion about the design, its features, colors, and details with our clients before starting our work. Only after receiving confirmation from the client on all the above aspects do we proceed, and not before that.

Further, we are also giving 10% off on custom designs and select tattoo designs. In order to make things more convenient for our clients, we have created a chat provision on our website. Through the chat, we answer questions related to tattoos and permanent makeup, enquire about their requirements, and also provide them with recommendations related to designs. People can also check out our artist’s work on Instagram or Facebook to gain more knowledge on her style of work and can also browse through her previous designs to select one for themselves.

In the area concerning permanent makeup and tattoos, more than all other factors, the aspect of finding the right place and the right person matters the most. Lest what could have been ‘praises turns to gazes.’