Since Kuwait is not a member of the Hague Convention countries, Kuwait embassy document authentication takes four main steps to obtain legalization from the embassy.

1- Certificate of document from your state for use in Kuwait.

Request all documents issued in your state, except documents issued by federal agencies. All documents must be certified by the secretary of the same state from which they came. Some states have special rules. (New York, Maryland,…) require a court certificate to obtain the state certificate. (California, Nevada,…) issues an apostille certificate instead of certification.

2- Authentication of documents by the U.S. Department of Commerce for use in Kuwait.

All documents issued by the federal government (FDA, FBI, USPTO, EPO, USDA…) and all documents certified by the state must be certified by the U.S. Department of State. All authentications are issued by Secretary of State Antony Blinken and signed by an adjunct authentication officer.

3- Stamp by the U.S. Arab Chamber of Commerce for use in Kuwait.

The U.S. Arab Chamber of Commerce seal may be required, Department of Commerce for documents intended for use in Kuwait. We recommend that companies check with their partner in Kuwait to see if they need the USACC seal. The stamp fee is $35 based on next-day service.

4- Kuwait Document Legalization

The Kuwait Embassy will legalize the document based on the signature of Foreign Minister Antony Blinken. (Programmable) The authentication fee is $20 and can be processed within 25 business days depending on mail service or 4 business days depending on walk-in service. The Kuwait Embassy has the right to read the contents of the document and refuse legalization if it does not agree with a special statement it contains.

Kuwait Embassy Document Authentication
Kuwait Embassy Document Authentication

You can contact We offer Kuwait Embassy legalization services, throw the following:

– We will explain each step in detail.

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– Show the contact email address and phone number for each step

– Provide an estimated processing time and a fee for each step.

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