Fiberglass, which is a unique, lightweight, strong material made of plastic reinforced with very fine glass fibers, is a highly valuable medium. It is used in the production of everything from residential insulation to car parts and has immense value as a commercial and industrial material.

But what about planters? The lion’s share of commercially available, decorative planters are made from metal alloys such as copper or aluminum, or from earthware alternatives such as clay, china, or terracotta. Why aren’t there more large fiberglass planters?

Well, we think there should be – and one industry-leading producer, Pots, Planters & More, agrees.

Here are several of the benefits offered by large fiberglass planters that other materials just can’t deliver.

Lightweight Nature
Few other materials that are viable for making pots and planters are as lightweight in nature as fiberglass. Large planters made of metals like copper, stainless steel, glass, or earthware can easily weigh several hundred pounds.

Even aluminum, a lightweight metal, is not that much lighter than fiberglass. This is a bonus for settings in which the planters might need to be moved around through the seasons. It’s much easier to relocate a lightweight fiberglass planter than a heavy alternative.

Great Strength to Weight Ratio
Another great thing about fiberglass planters is that fiberglass material offers a great strength-to-weight ratio. While it’s not necessarily as strong as steel or aluminum, it can be, and it balances strength, weight, and flexibility admirably – which is a bonus for a large planter that will have to shoulder a large quantity of potting mix.

Basically Shatter-Proof
One thing that fiberglass definitely offers that glass and stoneware pots cannot is that it is basically shatterproof. While fiberglass can break, it is very strong and flexible, and effectively impossible to shatter.

You know what happens when you drop a terracotta pot or errantly strike one. That won’t happen with fiberglass.

Effectively Corrosion Proof
Fans of terracotta and other earthware pots will be quick to point out its virtues as corrosion-proof, and they are right. Many metal alloys will rust.

However, fiberglass, like stoneware and earthware, also will not rust – and it also won’t crack or break in the same manner – giving it additional advantages. Fiberglass is also chemical-resistant, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant as well.

Finally, large fiberglass planters have the potential to be quite cost-effective, in contrast with basically all other styles of large planters, except cheap plastics, which you wouldn’t want to use anyway.

Adding to the Bonuses: Large Fiberglass Planters That Are Available in a Wide Range of Shapes, Sizes, Colors, Finishes, and More
Greentec Innovations, online at, offers a wide range of configurable, customizable large fiberglass planters.

In addition to offering the basic benefits of fiberglass outlined here, Pots, Planters & More offers high-quality indoor and outdoor fiberglass planters in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and a huge range of color options to suit your indoor and outdoor spaces.

They also can configure their planters with or without drainage holes, making them suitable for an even greater range of plants and environments, and offer free shipping, too.

To learn more about their current collection of large fiberglass planters pots and more, visit or get in touch with their helpful sales team at 855-627-1066.

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