Copy editing is the last step in making a document’s content.

When you pour sweat, blood, and tears into the inscription of the perfect research paper, the last thing you want is for your reader to directly be distracted by a typo in the fourth line. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors can seem like a trivial issues. But let’s be honest—the authority of any publication drops when evident errors are present.

This is why copyediting is an important part of the lettering process. Copy editing is the method of revising a paper to ensure it is 100% error-free. Copy editors check punctuation, grammar, and much more. Once you recognize what copy editing contains, you’ll soon grip why it is part of the writing process that cannot be avoided.

Getting help from a qualified copy editing service will improve your document by the following.

Copy editing services helps with

  • Eliminating grammatical, consistency, typographical errors
  • Improving readability, clarity and overall language quality
  • Using jargon suitable for the document’s subject matter
  • Confirming that the style and tone used are apt for the document’s purpose (e.g., promotional style for website content, oral delivery style for speeches and presentations, academic style for research papers)
  • Using proper writing resolutions
  • Following the stylistic & formatting requirements of the journal/publisher or the style manual normally referred to in the field.

So, what are the levels of Copy editing services?

Levels of copy editing services

To meet all kinds of requirements for editorial support, there are three types of proofreading services. Here are three copy editing services, one can choose according to their requirements.

  • Advanced editing: This copy editing service will refine the language in your paper and clear it of all typographical and grammatical errors. It will also confirm the use of suitable tone, terminology, style, writing conventions, and format. It is apt for all document types.
  • Premium editing: This is a practical copy editing service intended mainly for research papers. This service will not only get your paper rid of language and grammatical error, but will also improve its impact by refining its logical and structure flow.

In addition, you will obtain a cover letter for a manuscript assessment report and journal submission. With unrestricted multiple-round editing for 365 days, this is the impeccable service for journal publication as it lets you plenty time to revise your paper until it is recognized by the journal.

  • Scientific editing: This service contains all the features of premium editing with 2 extra submission critical remunerations. A thorough peer review of your work by a top-tier journal peer analysis plus edit replies to journal feedback. The service also comprises unlimited rounds of re-editing, iThetocate plagiarism checker, and formatting for your target journal. This is the whole journal-readiness bundle.

Summing up

Copy editing has gained momentum in recent times.

Content editing consists of restructuring or reorganizing a document. Content editors can fix the content by either heavily editing it or rewriting it.

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