Liver Cancer Treatment in Farmington: 

Most people with liver cancer seek treatment in Farmington NM at the New Mexico Cancer Treatment Center, and one of the most popular procedures patients undergo here is hemodialysis. During this treatment, blood from the patient is passed through a machine to filter out waste and toxins. The clean blood then goes back into the patient, who receives it intravenously through an access device such as an arteriovenous shunt, graft, or catheter, also known as an AV Fistula or AV Graft.

What is a fistula?
A dialysis fistula is a surgically created connection between an artery and a vein. The fistula provides a place for a temporary intravenous catheter that connects to the dialyzer, which provides hemodialysis treatment. A dialysis fistula must be maintained above a certain level to allow adequate hemodialysis.

Tips to maintain the vein
Some patients with liver cancer may not have enough of the veins that would be used for a fistula to be created. In these cases, surgeons will sometimes use an artery from another part of the body as a substitute. This artery can then be connected to either the inferior vena cava or the hepatic vein, and then linked up with a vein in the arm.

What if I don’t want a bloodline?
Dialysis fistulas are unique because patients with them need to maintain a certain level of flow through the fistula to allow for adequate hemodialysis. It can be hard to find dialysis centers that provide alternative treatments such as peritoneal dialysis or home hemodialysis, which may be more feasible for those who do not want a bloodline.
In order to get these alternative treatments, patients will have to travel to other parts of the country where they might not have family or friends nearby.

How we treat fistulas
A fistula is created during a surgical procedure where the iliac veins of the abdominal region are sewn together. This is a delicate procedure, and patients with liver cancer treatment in Farmington can suffer tissue necrosis or leakage of the fistula if they do not take care of it appropriately. A major complication that can arise from this surgery is infection. If you suspect that you have an infection, contact your doctor to get treatment.

Are there any alternatives?
People with liver cancer treatment in Farmington, NM who have undergone hemodialysis can enjoy the benefits of an ileal conduit. This is a surgically created channel that diverts flow from the large intestine to the bladder and out of the body. An ileal conduit does not require cleansing or catheterization but does require that you eat enough fiber, which is essential for proper functioning.

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