Are you looking for long term disability insurance in Brampton, Ontario Canada? Visit Kamal Insurance and get a free personalized quote online or call 647-922-5554 for more info. An insurance company helps you choose the best long-term disability plan suitable to your requirements. Long-term disability insurance can be customized into an employer-paid long-term disability plan to ensure coverage continuity. If you are healthy, disability insurance may seem irrelevant to you. Although, becoming disabled is quite common these days. According to a study, one in every four people has a high chance of being disabled before turning 67. While everyone tends to avoid any injury or illness that causes them disability, there could come some time when you are unable to earn a paycheck being unable to work. Thus, to support you in your hard times, the long term disability insurance in Brampton, Ontario Canada, pays you a portion of your income until you return to work. Long-term disability insurance covers injuries, whether caused outside or inside of work. Some common examples of health conditions under which long term disability insurance in Ontario, Canada, pay you a lump sum amount.  Get in contact with us right now for more information.