After Lost Ark launched in North America this month it has been extremely loved by players. Unfortunately Lost Ark Gold, Lost Ark’s massive success and large player base have resulted in more than several cheaters and bots, but the team behind the game is now working to clean that up.

Lost Ark has been around in various parts of the world for several years, and it appears that it has enabled the developers who created the game to be aware of how to address certain issues whenever they come up. One of those issues could be bots being used by players to gain advantages over other players. In addition, these bots allow their users to rack up exp points and collect loot even when they’re away from their keyboard.

On Friday on Friday, the Lost Ark team announced it had done a massive purge of bots, removing more than one million illegitimate accounts. The accounts that were removed will be permanently blocked, with additional coming in the next few months and weeks.

“Maintaining a fair and fun gaming experience for our players is the top goal of the team,” The Lost Ark team posted on its official website. In the same way the team recognizes that it’s likely that some of the illegitimate accounts might have slipped into the wrong hands Cheapest Lost Ark Gold. The team also admitted it was possible that during a massive sweep, it might have accidentally stopped people who weren’t using bots.