Cyber scams are becoming more and more popular, with new tactics being invented all of the time. Wary of these schemes? Knowledge is power! Make sure you arm yourself by knowing what scammers do and avoiding them. In this Macropay Scam Alert, learn how to spot scammers and their tactics.

Macropay Scam Alert: How to Spot Scammers


Asking for Trust

Never trust an email from a reputable source if you receive one that claims to be urgent. Always verify their authenticity before acting on any information they send through third parties like banks and Amazon sites where scammers could exploit this vulnerability.

You can save yourself from most online phishing and catfish scams by doing a Google search for the company or entity’s contact info. This simple step will protect you! Don’t trust easily once they mention big company names.


Urgent Need for Help

Some online scams involve asking you to call a number or click on links. The trouble is, these requests aren’t coming from legitimate websites but instead are using your login information so they can take over whatever account you have with them!

We all know that “no” is a word we should be using more often. Whether it’s in response to requests from emails or texts, the easiest way of getting rid of this problem once and for all: just take your own action! Search for that company’s contact and talk to them directly about this email or message you received.


Anonymous Contacts

When someone contacts you unexpectedly, it can be a sign that they are trying to scam. If an SMS or email comes in from an unknown source, proceed with caution because there could be more than meets the eye!

Too Much Payments

Another common scam online involves overpaying for something, then asking for money back. For example you might win a cash prize or get paid in advance to do work on your business’s project- but after waiting weeks, they will ask you to resend the money because they paid you too much!


More Promises

When someone offers you something that sounds too good to be true, there’s usually a catch. For instance they buy your item on Facebook Marketplace at twice the asking price when all they want is to get your details.


Macropay Scam Alerts

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