Mahindra is a well-known commercial vehicle manufacturer in India. The brand is famous for the high quality of its passenger and commercial vehicle products, and its new category of electric rickshaws performs admirably. The Mahindra e-rickshaw is built using a cutting-edge modular design. As a result, the Mahindra auto rickshaw models can transport passengers and cargo. In this informative blog, we will glance at the Mahindra auto rickshaw’s common features, including the price range in India.

Main Specifications of the Mahindra Auto Rickshaw

If you’re looking for a powerful, strong, and dependable auto-rickshaw, then Mahindra is your only choice. Mahindra Alfa, Mahindra Treo and Mahindra Alfa Champ is a good option among the top contenders in the category.¬†

They are constructed and designed to be pleasant people carriers in urban and rural settings. The auto rickshaws provide maximum comfort, impressive power, low maintenance, and ample space. Mahindra Auto Rickshaws are available in diesel, electric, and compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel types.

They meet BS6 emission standards, making them environmentally friendly.

From great mileage and fuel efficiency to stylish design, each Mahindra auto rickshaw has advanced features and functionalities that can make your journey more progressive and less tiring.

Mahindra Auto Rickshaw On-Road Price 

Mahindra Auto Rickshaw On Road Price starts at Rs. 1.38 lakh, which can exceed Rs. 2.89 lakh in India. With this cost-effective price range, you can also take advantage of the bountiful modernised yet advanced features of the Mahindra auto rickshaw models.

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