Zepyure is very serious about sneaker care. It’s not worth the cost of sneakers that are stained or scuffed. You need to care for your shoes to keep them looking good. These are some tips to ensure your shoes look just as good as they did when you first bought them.



The first step in caring for your shoes is to protect them. Sneaker protectors can keep your shoes cleaner for longer.

You should use leather care products if your shoes are made of leather. Water-based creams that combine proprietary nutrients and sealants with water will give your shoes a new look.


Next, clean your sneakers thoroughly. Professional Sneaker Cleaner Concentrated Solutions speeds up dirt degradation and keeps your sneakers clean for a long period of time.

To care for your shoes, use Sneaker Wipes. These can be soaked in a special Sneaker Cleaner or Micro fibre Towel.


You should brush your sneakers every now and then. The Sneaker Care Kit contains a Sneaker Cleaner as well as a Premium Shoe brush. This will ensure that your sneakers look new.

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