Your initial searches will throw up a number of potential suppliers and you will need to cut this list down further. You can do this by contacting each of them, telling them your requirements such as: For more at Jak znaleźć producenta w chinach.


  • Details of the components you expect to manufacture – specify whether these components require die casting, metal stamping or plastic injection molding.
  • Your minimum order quantity or MOQ.‍
  • Whether you need a prototype to be developed, need the manufacturer to help develop your design further or have a mould already. (Experience tells us that factory owners in China are not really keen on “development” projects as these projects consume a lot of time and cost a lot of money with no clear end in sight. Usually endless modifications are needed to tooling and this generally results in delays and additional expense.)
  • The material you expect to be used for the manufacture of your component.
  • The price per item.

You could also ask them for more information about themselves, which will help you with the verification process (more on that later). This could be details such as: For more at Jak znaleźć producenta w chinach.


  • Whether they specialise in manufacturing the component you require.
  • How long they have been in business.
  • Whether they already export to the US or other western countries.
  • Their minimum order quantity or MOQ.
  • Their business licences.
  • Any certifications that they have related to their production capability.

You can shortlist potential manufacturers based on the responses you get. Assess them on a number of points. For instance, pick manufacturers who focus on making the kind of component you are looking for instead of a cornucopia of components, as specialised expertise is always valuable. You could also give preference to manufacturers in China who already supply to clients abroad because they would be acquainted with western quality expectations, nitty-gritty of customs requirements and the complicated logistics of international shipping.