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Buying excess blood test strips is a great way to make money. Many diabetics don’t need to test their blood sugar daily, but they still need to check their levels regularly. The problem is that the market for test strips has become glutted due to the strategy of the companies that sell proprietary meters. Patients are forced to buy only one brand of strips for their meter, resulting in a glut in the market. Cash for test strips is a viable alternative for diabetics who don’t have the luxury of buying expensive diabetic supplies.


One way to make cash for test strips is to sell used or unused diabetes test strips. The price for test strips varies, and a middleman typically buys the supplies from diabetics with health insurance and adds a markup. These diabetes test strips are then sold to uninsured diabetics for prices far lower than those of over-the-counter diabetic supplies. The New York Times article explains that while it is legal to sell off-the-shelf diabetic test strips, it is illegal to sell any supplies received from Medicare or Medicaid.


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In order to manage diabetes, you should always test your blood sugar daily and administer insulin as prescribed by your Physician. Many insurance plans cover CGMs. In order to monitor your diabetes, you should also check for expired test strips or test strips that have been exposed to heat. The cost of diabetes can be high, which is why the black market has sprung up.


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Diabetic test strips cost about $1 each. People with diabetes often need to check their blood sugar six or more times daily. These test strips are not illegal, and there are legitimate companies buying these supplies for over 10 years. If you want to get cash for your unused strips, check out More Cash for Test Strips today! You might be surprised by how much money you’ll make if you sell your old supplies. You might even be surprised at how quickly and easily they can be picked up by the company that buys them. You can even sell the unused ones if you don’t have insurance. So, why wait? Get cash for your test strips today! You’ll be glad you did.