Foundation has become a  game-changer in the fashion industry and is possibly one of the most essential components of any beauty look. If the shade is off or the blending isn’t perfect, the entire look can be a mismatched array of colours. Achieving a flawless glammed-up look is quite an artful skill that takes a long time to perfect, and there is plenty of room for error. Even the most seasoned professionals have bad days where their foundation simply does not behave as they want it to.

A means to an end

Keep in mind the goal is always to achieve smooth, healthy-looking skin, not just a  great foundation, and that’s precisely what these epic hacks and tips will help you achieve. Custom foundation boxes will have you believe that they are all in one solution, whereas in reality, they are simply a means to an end. 

Prep up for the Glam up!

Makeup does not come first. Keeping your skin hydrated, exfoliated, and clean is the foundation you need to build before letting any foundation come on your face. Your number one priority should be to cleanse your face before applying makeup.

Exfoliate and Rejuvenate

Our goal is obviously to have beautiful, glowing skin, and the simplest way to achieve this is to exfoliate before applying makeup. Without regular exfoliation, your foundation may appear cakey or patchy because it clings to dry skin and texture. It may seem obvious, but always read the label on the custom cosmetic boxes before purchasing, particularly a new brand. 

And foremost, see if a recommended skin type is listed or not since a hydrating formula is ideal for dry skin but may not work as well on oily skin. Also, keep in mind that oil-free foundations frequently oxidize on oily skin throughout the day, which means they will turn darker.

The Right Shade

If a foundation you like doesn’t come in the right shade for you, buy one shade lighter than your skin tone and one that’s slightly darker, then mix the two. Yes, we understand that this is not exactly easy on your pockets. It is also an absolute banger of a formula that will get you precisely the shade you want to go for. It’s also ideal for changing seasons because you can use more or less of one shade depending on how much fairer or darker your complexion becomes. So you are killing two birds with one stone!

Use a Primer

The use of a primer is unavoidable. It will help you achieve a more seamless finish, but it will also extend the life of your makeup. Furthermore, many primers contain beauty-boosting ingredients that provide an extra boost of hydration and boost your glow game.

If you are looking for a more natural finish, using your hands to apply works wonders, the heat of your hands helps in the mixing and blending of colors that gives an excellent finish. A favorite among makeup artists, this avoids the cakey look by removing extra material and adding the dampness required.

Let us know if these tips worked for you.