NBA 2K23 is here and that means hoops players and casual NBA players will be facing the duration of the season to Nba 2k23 mt start and more than a handful of Amar’e’s Stoudemire-inspired dunks to choreograph. We’re breaking down the latest NBA 2K23 rosters for all 32 NBA teams. In this article, we’ll take more in depth look at the Phoenix Suns. If you’re interested in finding out who the Suns most effective players could be, how their backcourt is in the NBA or what position on the team might need upgrading in the MyNBA Eras, then this guide will tell you everything you should know about the brand new NBA 2K23 Suns roster.

The Suns are the 11th-best team in the entire league, based on the rating of all 32 teams in NBA 2K23. As of the launch date, Phoenix is expected to have an overall rating of 90. It is expected that the Suns will also have five players with a rating of 80 or above in NBA 2K23 including this year’s selection for the 2K23 cover athlete:

The Lakers’ fortunes changed dramatically with the Los Angeles Lakers when the team decided to trade Russell Westbrook last summer. Los Angeles traded legitimate NBA assets as well as a first-round selection in exchange for Westbrook in an move that was widely criticised back then.

Many of the critics of the trade ended up being correct, and Westbrook was the most thorn in the team’s midst last season. Now, the Lakers stand in a situation that they’d be better off when they sell Westbrook but may have already gave up hope of that happening.

The sad thing is that Westbrook appears to still believe he’s an elite player. He seemed to have very little accountability of the team’s performance during his interview with the team’s exit last season. Westbrook has a basketball ego that’s very difficult to break. Maybe the team at NBA 2K23 can break that ego down a bit, though. Ratings for the game are starting to emerge and Westbrook’s ranking isn’t that of 2k23 mt buy a star player (which Westbrook believes he is). It’s that of one who plays a bench position in rotation.